Hara Hiroki Brand Reveal Show

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Hara Hiroki Logo Reveal Show
Reasons to book this Video Mapping Magic Show
  • Award-winning illusionist uses magic and technology to create customised brand reveal stage shows

  • Will incorporate your logos, branding and corporate messages into his famous video mapping magic performance

  • As seen on BBC TV series 'The Magicians' and 'America's Got Talent'

  • Has provided a customised video mapping show for high-Profile clients include Ferrari, Dior, Toyota and NBC

  • Our leading technology illusionist is available for events all over the world

Hara Hiroki Brand Reveal Show videos

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Our award-winning illusionist Hara Hiroki offers a unqiue brand reveal show that guarantees to wow any audience and live on long in their mind. This state of the art video mapping show borrows a lot from the world of magic and results in the kind of performance that is the ideal product launch entertainment. This world renowned illusionist is a showman that knows exactly how to create a dramatic and impactful video mapping show. He is the perfect choice of corporate entertainment for clients looking to reveal a new product or raise brand awareness in a novel way. 

Hara Hiroki is a leading technolgy illusionist who has gained an outstanding worldwide reputation in the magic world. His brand reveal illusion show translates well to screen and TV and creates an unforgettable visual impact live or recorded. The highly acclaimed multi-award winning magician featured 'America’s Got Talen't where he received a standing ovation for his incredible video mapping show and was described as 'amazing' by Simon Cowell. He was a leading magician on the popular BBC show 'The Magicians' and has featured on many other other TV shows across the world. 

Large brands and corporate clients all over the world love the brand reveal show as it is the perfect opportunity to impress an audience, create a memory and gain media coverage. This customisable corporate entertainment is a real showstopper that guarantees to make your event memorable. Based around a very cleverly constructed video mapping show, Hara Hiroki will incorporate your logos, branding or corporate messages into his stunning live performance. Previous clients that have trusted him to comunicate thier brand or launch thier latest product include Ferrari, Dior and Toyota which is testament to the calibre of this one of a kind branded live event entertainment.

Watch the video above to see examples of his previous work with major international brands.

Whether you're looking for unusual product launch entertainment or a customisable form of corporate entertainment that focuses on your brand, illusionist Hara Hiroki has the show for you.

Top Tip:

To discover more aobut what a Hara Hiroki stage illusion show includes visit his Hologram Illusion Show page to explore more of his mind blowing feats of tech magic.

Get in contact and speak to our expert team who will be able to explane how this unique brand or product reveal stage magic show can work at your upcoming event. 

Corporate Clients
McKinsey & Company 
Kazakhstan Government 

…and many more

TV Appearances
"Good Laugh" (Fuji TV)
"Mezamashi TV" (Fuji TV)
"Super News" (Tokai TV)
"Good Morning Japan" (NHK)
"Top choices in Tokumitsu Kazuo" (BS NTV)
"Islands News" (NHK BS1
"Wake-up Plus (Yomiuri TV)
"THE MAGICIANS" (United Kingdom BBC)
"EXTRA" (co-starring with the United States Mario Lopez)
"La grande magia" (Italy Channel 5)
"Animal Nocturno" (Mexico TV Azteca)
"TV De Noche" (Mexico TV Service)