Disco Ball Photo Booth

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Disco Ball Photo Booth
Reasons to book this Modern Photo Booth
  • This totally unique booth with luxurious interior captures your guests through a fish-eye lens

  • Easy to use touch-screen allows the guests to take the photos themselves and ready-themselves to pose 

  • Immediate image download and instant printing of the photo as strips or XXL photos with two photo printers

  • Compact but eye-catching 2.15m diameter booth also includes a built-in retro game console and quality accessories

  • Based in Germany, the booth has extras such as data-capture and branding of the photo borders 

Disco Ball Photo Booth photos

With an eye-catching 2.15m diameter this and shaped like an oversized disco ball, this stunning Disco Ball Photo Booth is simultaneously high-tech, slick and retro. It is a far distant cry from your average event photo booth and its open-front format allows passers-by to see what's going inside and want to have a go themselves. 

Seriously impressive and unique photo booth 

Not only will this modern photo booth become a talking point amongst your guests, it also looks incredibly cool. From a distance, the totally unique photo booth looks a piece of modern art and creates a stunning visual focal point in any location from large estate houses to corporate function spaces. 

High-end event photo booth for any occasion

The Disco Ball Photo Booth has a glistening mirror ball style exterior and a luxurious interior complete with ambient lighting and a chic seating area. The unique photo booth's slick and high-end design allows a high turnover of guests which maximises its potential at events. They offer immediate on-site printing as classic photo strips or XXL prints up to 15x20cm as well a digital sharing to mobile devices. Image borders and frames can be customised to include logos and branding.

Superb photo experience for your guests 

This modern photobooth allows guests to take the photos themselves making sure they are always ready and looking their best. On request, the booth is supplied with high-quality retro props, nothing cheap and tacky. All snaps are taken through a fisheye lens giving a curved look to the photos and allows for many people to get in the shot and all fit into the photo. This is one of the many features that makes the Disco Ball Photo Booth stand out from the others. 

An event photo booth that can do more

As well as all the above, the high-tech and unique photo booth is able to offer data capture, hashtag printing and If that wasn’t enough, the Disco Ball Photo Booth also has a retro games console built-in to the back so the guests can have a bit of fun playing classic arcade games. It could be Super Mario Bros or Guitar Hero, you choose. 

Contact us to find out about hiring this brilliant photobooth for your event.