Venetian Themed Characters Host Financial Firm’s Corporate Party in London

Venetian Themed Characters Host Financial Firm’s Corporate Party in London


An important financial firm in London trusted our Account Manager Georgie Tyson to find Venetian themed entertainment for their corporate party in London last December, and the outcome was better than expected!

Georgie’s client got in touch with her with the idea of a Christmas masquerade ball. With a catalogue filled with unique masquerade acts and Venetian themed characters, Georgie already had a few options in mind for her client’s corporate evening. 

Looking to transport guests at the party to the splendid Venice canals and alleyways, the London financial form ended up opting for two Masquerade Jesters, two Regency Dames Stilt Walkers and two Venetian themed characters to help hand out canapes. 

Professionals of the financial industry were seen arriving at the venue around 7 pm, where they were guided into a drinks reception by our fabulous entertainers. At 8 pm, guests were called into dinner where they enjoyed an evening of memorable speeches and awards. 

Wearing stunning Venetian costumes, artists were asked to assist with handing out food and drinks to guests and they were also seen interacting with attendees, posing for photos, and more!


Venetian Themed Characters Host Financial Firm’s Corporate Party in London

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We’re delighted to share Georgie’s client feedback on the night: 

We had a fantastic night and the guests thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. Still a bit tired but looking forward to Christmas now!

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