Spectacular AirTrack Acrobatic Flip Show Added to Scarlett Entertainment Global Roster

Spectacular AirTrack Acrobatic Flip Show Added to Scarlett Entertainment Global Roster


Recently added to our global roster of 14,000+ acts, we’re pleased to introduce one of the latest addition to our vast catalogue: this Acrobatic Flip Show! A performance that blends stunning acrobatics, high-end parkour, acro-balance, tricking and cheerleading skills, what makes it even more unique and spectacular is the use of a custom AirTrack!

Did you know the very first AirTracks were designed for and by gymnasts? An airtrack is an inflatable mat that rapidly became standard equipment in gymnastics all across the world. AirTracks are safe to jump and land on and they are also airtight and completely flat. You can easily modify their thickness and pressures. This means they can be very bouncy and safe to land on. 

This group of world-class acrobats have joined forces to deliver mind-blowing sports displays tailored to your specific event! By using an air filled, high-tech AirTrack mat, they perform at the highest level of gymnastics. Also incorporating the most spectacular and unique stunts, they’re guaranteed to bring the Wow factor to any occasion!



Spectacular AirTrack Acrobatic Flip Show Added to Scarlett Entertainment Global Roster

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Having amazed audiences at events held or sponsored by LG, Nivea, FIBA Eurobasket, Honda and Eurovision Song Contest, this extremely skilled group of acrobats have been seen at numerous events both big and small across Europe. 

Best of all? If you’re truly mesmerised by their show and would like to try some of their basic tricks, you’re welcome to do so! Guaranteeing a professional and safe experience, our acrobats will encourage people of all ages to participate and have some fun rather than simply being spectators. 

Would you like to see them in action? Then watch the video below and enjoy their performance at one of Honda’s events. 

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Are you interested in booking this exceptional performance for your event? Explore further Wow factor entertainment options or contact us today and learn more about what our performers can do for you and the customisation options they offer.

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