What Inspires Theme Trends? How To Choose an Event Theme

What Inspires Theme Trends? How To Choose an Event Theme

Event Theme Trends: Choosing a Theme for your Event

When it comes to event planning, choosing a theme for your event could be one of the most challenging parts of the process. What makes a good theme? What should you take into consideration when choosing a theme for your event? Here’s a list of the things you need to keep in mind: 


  • Aim: know what the goal of your event is 
  • Audience: Clarify who your target audience is 
  • Venue: Find a suitable venue that meets your needs and budget 
  • Budget: Bear in mind what your budget is 
  • Seasons/weather: Take seasons and weather into account, especially when choosing outdoor venues

Before going into the heart of the matter and exploring what inspires theme trends, make sure you keep the below checklist at hand so you can go back to it when you had chosen a theme: 


  • Be creative with the invites 
  • Make use of social networks to tell a story 
  • Properly decorate your venue to immerse your guests in the mood
  • Ensure food and drink fit the theme 
  • Make sure entertainment also aligns with the chosen theme 
  • Organise fun and interactive themed activities 


Top 5 Factors That Inspire Trends


The number of themes you can choose from is endless. From what sounds pretty obvious (20s and Great Gatsby, Zombie, Greek, Arabian Nights…) to what is a bit more ambiguous (how much we’ve learnt from past MET galas!), there is no limit when it comes to party theme ideas!

Below we will disclose the top 5 factors that inspire trends to help you understand how event theme trends originate and guide you on how to choose an event theme. 


1. Countries and Cultures 

One of the main sources of inspiration for event planners are countries and cultures. Landscapes, folk dances, traditional costumes, local music, their history…. All these elements inspire themes such as Hawaiian Luau, Havana Nights or Arabian Nights. 

When to choose these themes? In many cases, this choice is based on a personal preference. However, they’re a popular option for trade shows, conferences or corporate events expecting to welcome international guests. For example, if a global conference is taking place in Spain, expect to find flamenco dancers and Spanish guitarists enlivening the evening. 

These themes are also popular for brands closely linked to a specific country or culture or targeting an audience in a specific region. If an event takes place in Greece, some greek hostesses might welcome guests at the airport. As an example, read how Air Mediterranean booked Greek goddesses to greet passengers as the inaugural flight London-Athens. 

What Inspires Theme Trends? How To Choose an Event Theme

In the photo: Greek Priestesses, Vintage Ukelele Singer and Bollywood Dancers Hong Kong


2. Festivals


The rise in popularity of big festivals such as Coachella or Glastonbury has not gone unnoticed by event planners. Even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian took inspiration from the Colorado desert festival to create a mini version for her daughter North’s first birthday party. 


If budget allows, hosting a private party in a big outdoor venue would allow you to replicate a big music festival. Some of the most in-demand options for this type of themed parties include walkabout characters and stilt walkers that can interact with guests, LED glowing wristbands that create stunning visual effects, cover and tribute artists that pay homage to some of the festivals’ more epic performances (we still can't get over Beychella - it even has its own Wikipedia page!), and so on. 


Examples: Coachella, Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Oktoberfest…


What Inspires Theme Trends? How To Choose an Event Theme

In the photo: Ice Fauns and LED Glowing Wristbands 


3. TV/films

It will surprise no one that TV shows and films are a great source of inspiration for event themes. This trend is in fact so powerful that we even wrote a whole blog article on this topic, make sure you read it!


Franchises such as the Harry Potter saga or the ultra famous Game of Thrones have inspired hundreds of event planners worldwide who didn’t hesitate to replicate the British wizard’s magical universe of Jon Snow’s Medieval fantasy world for charity balls, gala dinners or corporate events. Providing guests with a taste of what it would feel like to be part of those universes for a day, film and TV shows themes have the power of making anyone feel like a movie star!


Some of the most popular entertainment options for this type of parties are stunt shows, lookalikes and circus shows!


Examples: Zombie apocalypse, Diamonds are forever, Greatest Showman, Harry Potter…


What Inspires Theme Trends? How To Choose an Event Theme

In the photo: Circus Dance Show, Children’s Wizard and Peaky Blinders Stunt Show


4. Nostalgia


Everyone has been in the past, haven’t we? Whether we have a preference for a particular period in time or the other, we all feel nostalgic when we listen to a song, see a photo, smell something familiar...Nostalgia is such a powerful state of mind that it’s impossible not to list it in the top 5 factors that inspire event theme trends. Again, there is a blog article where we examined this topic in depth, make sure you read it!


The 20th century has left so many iconic moments, pop culture references and epic cultural elements that it’s impossible not to get inspired by many of them, especially when it comes to throwing a themed party. Taking people back in time to their childhood, high school years or that decade where they fell in love for the first time will bring back fond memories and make everyone reconnect with their younger self. Nothing could be more emotional!


Examples: 60s and 70s, 80s and 90s, Back to School, Second chance prom...


What Inspires Theme Trends? How To Choose an Event Theme

In the photo: Abba Tribute, Disco Show and  Instant Polaroid Robot

5. Nature


In an increasingly urbanised world, it is becoming more and more difficult to be in touch with nature and find the time to spend time outdoors. This being the case, the fact that event decor and entertainment could bring the outside in is one of the most refreshing ways to treat guests at events and parties. 


Transforming your venue into the arctic or an African safari, unique walkabout characters and parades can help you provide your event with a refreshing natural touch and encourage your guests to explore different natural environments. These themes are especially popular for festivals, events held by brands looking to become greener or simply events looking to bring a natural element into an indoor space. 


Examples: African safari, Under the sea, Outside in, Fire and Ice, Welcome to the jungle…


What Inspires Theme Trends? How To Choose an Event Theme

In the photo: African Safari Dance Experience, Summer Fleur de Reves and LED Winter Parade 


Choosing a Theme for your Event with Scarlett Entertainment


Are any of the above party theme ideas what you had in mind for your event? Then let us help you find the right entertainment option for it!


If you’re still indecisive, we’d love to help you choose a party theme. Get in touch, share what you have in mind with us and we’ll get back to you with a bunch of ideas and entertainment options. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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