Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Every CEO knows that taking their workforce on team building activities and incentive trips are essential to maintaining motivation and building strong team bonds. But thinking of something highly original can be a challenge to say the least. So we’ve picked out some unique team building ideas from some of our favourite locations across Europe, and given them a little twist. 

To create corporate incentives that inspire greater performance out of your staff you will need an exciting and unique team building activity that all of your employees will want to secure a place on. 

With this in mind we’ve scoured Europe for stunning locations that offer stimulating activities, and fused them with entertainment that perfectly complements them to create bespoke experiences that will WOW your employees and provide the ultimate reward incentive.

From vineyards in Italy to the canals of Paris, we hope to give you some food for thought by suggesting amazingly inventive corporate incentives and team building days in Europe.

Italy - Unique Team Building

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

This is a perfect corporate incentive that will guarantee productivity from your employees.  This once in a lifetime trip includes an incredible sightseeing experience that boasts stunning views over monumental Rome before embarking on a private tour of Banfi Castle and the vineyard. After this your selected employees will enjoy a wine tasting experience and delicious five-course Tuscany lunch. An outdoor teambuilding activity that rewards hard working employees as well as presenting work colleagues with an opportunity to bond with one another whilst enjoying the stunning Italian scenery.


Why stop there? We here at Scarlett Entertainment love creating experiences that are a once in a lifetime opportunity, so to really bring the house down at your corporate incentive day, pair this vineyard and helicopter experience with our breath taking modern opera singer. Indulge in the stunning sceneries and rolling Italian landscapes as you fuse this wine tasting experience with beautiful vocals and elegant entertainment to really transport your employees to a world oozing with luxury and class.  


Italy - Indulgent Corporate Incentives

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

A luxury trip and VIP activity that is the perfect corporate reward incentive to sooth away any stress of everyday life and offer hard working employees the chance to fully relax and unwind whilst gazing upon stunning Italian scenery. After a helicopter ride to one of Italy’s finest spas and a relaxing spa treatment treat your employees to a perfume creation workshop where this unique event experience allows each individual to create a signature scent with the help of our professional perfumer. After a day of luxury settle down and listen to our stunning Tuscan Trio as you gaze out to the remarkable scenery that surrounds you, bringing the perfect end to a perfect day.


Spain - Water Based Team Building 

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Escape the hustle and bustle of every day life with a water sports adventure along the coast of Costa Brava, Spain. With an extensive list of water sports to choose from your party will be instructed on how to hoist the sails and explore the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. An outdoor activity that not only acts as a reward for employees but an excursion that solidifies team building and trust as they work together to steer the boat, swim, snorkel and explore the ocean depths.


A unique team building activity that will bring individuals closer together and offer a fun and action packed day away from the office. Before stepping off of the boat and onto dry land, why not book our incredible water jetpacks as they dolphin dive in and out of the ocean! An exciting show that will really give you a well rounded day of water adventure.


France - Unusual Team Building Tasting Experience 

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Wine tasting is a luxurious past time that makes for a brilliant reward for hard working employees. However, add a few insect-tasting dishes and this team building activity is transformed into a unique and unusual experience for your employees to get their teeth into. Offer this unusual tasting experience to your hardworking employees as they kick back and relax with the finest wines before challenging their taste buds, fears and bravery with a selection of three different insects. A fantastic team building activity that also works extremely well as an icebreaker, it will bring colleagues together as they experience delicacies that are different to the norm.


An activity that will build on motivation, encouragement and overcoming obstacles will bring your team closer as they are offered a combination of luxury and challenging tastes to try. Not only that but when paired with a string quartet, this unique tasting experience and team building activity is different, delicious and unforgettable as all of your senses are awakened.

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Paris - Outdoor Team building 

Cruise around Paris in an electric self-drive boat with a unique treasure hunt activity. This is a fun and different take on the original treasure hunt team building experience that is not only effective in working on team cohesiveness but offers stunning views of Paris’ historic canals. A sightseeing tour with a difference that offers an exciting corporate incentive for employees to explore Paris and get to know their significant others in a more relaxed and interactive environment.


Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Upon completing your sightseeing canal treasure hunt around Paris step off of the boat and into a live performance from our Brass Band Paris! The team that reaches the end will be treated to a fantastic live street performance from this amazing brass band before being joined by their fellow treasure hunters. The perfect way to conclude a successful day of treasure hunting and team bonding, our brass band will astound and amaze not only your employees but passers by as they play upbeat and cheerful tunes to bring your team building day to an exciting end guaranteed to leave your employees feeling on cloud 9.


Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Corporate Incentives - UK

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

An adrenaline filled interactive activity day that boasts a huge range of super cars and formula one racing cars will have your guests and employees going faster than fast as this team bonding day specialises in corporate events, rallies, test drives and track days. Combine this fast paced and thrilling day trip with our James Bond band and you have the winning formula to make your delegates feel like top class spies for the day. After an adrenaline packed day of racing treat your employees to a bond girl inspired band as our gorgeous ladies stun audiences with their impeccable covers of the most famous James Bond soundtracks. The perfect way to keep the fun going and provide a tailor made day for your hard working employees.


Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Adrenaline Pinching Teambuilding – UK

Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives in Europe

Present your employees with an exciting escape challenge that is perfect for team building, company away days and corporate reward incentives. You’ve heard of escape rooms, but this is next level. With the group being divided into separate teams each team will have to solve a series of puzzles and pass challenging tests in order to advance to the next stage. A fun filled and adrenaline spiking team building day that will have your employees talking about it for weeks on end.


Upon escaping the fort you can book an incredible outdoor venue tent that can be customised with any logo and can hold up to 1,200 people. Book our remarkable Get Funked party band to perform hit covers of all your favourite songs and dance the night away to celebrate a top team bonding day out. With our incredible event suppliers you can ensure that your guests won’t go hungry as they put out delicious food spreads and cater for your team perfectly.


Final Thoughts…

By taking unique team building days and fusing them with our top class entertainment, we can guarantee you that your corporate incentives are unlike any you have ever experienced before. With stunning fusions between action packed day trips and melodic entertainment, our corporate team building days are completely bespoke, customisable and memorable.


Treat your delegates to team building excursions and rewards that are ahead of the curb for both strengthening team cohesiveness and rewarding employees with the most luxurious and high end retreats on the market with our global entertainment and supplier options.


With a multitude of different activities to choose from whether it be outdoor team building days, VIP excursions or unique challenges we can assure you that with our help and guidance we can provide the most unique and astounding activities for your corporate incentives and team building days.


If you want to find out more about unique team building days or if you are looking to book one of our event suppliers, please contact our Entertainment Specialists on  +44 1626 572072.

__By Charlotte Russell

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