Traditional Arabic Entertainment For Your Event In Dubai

Traditional Arabic Entertainment For Your Event In Dubai

The buzzing city of Dubai is a tourist hotspot, an economic wonder and a real hub of activity. Nestled on the northern hemisphere of the United Arab Emirates it is proud to boast, amongst other things, the iconic man made archipelago, some of the world’s tallest buildings, the first ever seven star hotel and some of the largest malls in the world and it is renowned for the ever increasingly popular Dubai Shopping Festival. It is the go to place for high profile local and international events and has many incredible venues and unbelievable hotels. People flock from all over the world to experience this one-of-a-kind destination and to get a taste of Dubai’s multicultural lifestyle. 

The capital city is an extremely popular destination for both leisure and business which has paved the way for Dubai entertainers to impress tourists and business representatives every single day and night of the year. It is an entertainer’s paradise with eager spectators around every corner and opportunities to pull in a crowd in just about every part of the city. The multicultural city is bursting with entertainers from all over the world but one thing that can sometimes get overlooked above the glitz, glam and high tech, is the wonderful selection of traditional Arabic entertainment Dubai. 

Scarlett Entertainment has extensive experience planning events and delivering Arabic entertainment for clients in Dubai. There is a huge amount of local talent in the area from Oud players, arabic dancers and sand artists. These acts are impressive, professional and ready to demonstrate the best of traditional arabic entertainment whether it is for a private party, corporate functions, dinner parties, special occasions, public displays or for marketing purposes.  


​Belly Dancers In Dubai

Traditional Arabic Entertainment For Your Event In Dubai

This original Middle Eastern folk dance has many different forms depending on its country and region but is, without a doubt, one of the most recognised form of Arabic entertainment in Western culture. The belly dance’s attention is driven in particular towards the torso with the articulation of the hips with a variety of fluid and shaking movements and can include skilful balancing of swords. It is a typically female driven form of performance and there is certainly no shortage of belly dancers in Dubai.


The westernised version of belly dancing isn’t common across the Middle Eastern as there is still a cultural stigma still attached to female performers revealing a little too much however, our Dubai entertainers are fully aware of this and we can always find the right performer for your audience. Top of the pick would be our exceptionally great belly dancer who has performed for royalty, famous celebrities and with her vast array of incredible costumes, delivers outstanding belly dance shows.  

Arabic Music In Dubai

Arabic music in Dubai is plentiful and there is certainly no shortage of artists able to deliver you some Arabic live music. Traditional Arabic entertainment doesn’t get much more traditional than with some of the incredible Middle Eastern musicians and groups we have available for events. The entertainers we have who perform Arabic music in Dubai play traditional folk music with some wonderful local and Middle Eastern instruments such as the Oud, Kanun and tableh.


If you’re looking for Arabic music in Dubai for any type of event, the dynamic Arabic Band Dubai have a large repertoire of Arabic songs which they perform with traditional instruments and either in black tie or traditional arabic outfits. If you’re wanting a solo musician our Oud player & Singer delivers exceptional live music with the fascinating lute-like instrument and has a wonderful soothing voice too.


​Other Forms of Traditional Arabic Entertainment In Dubai

Traditional Arabic Entertainment For Your Event In Dubai

Our range of Dubai entertainers caters for almost every event, party or occasion you can think of. Traditional Arabic entertainment is rich, diverse and deeply imbedded in culture. Being in a part of the world where a vast proportion of the landscape is made of sand has led to some amazing sand artists. None better than Middle East’s number one ranked sand artist who creates beautiful stories and images. Sand artistry is completely customisable and useable at corporate events, advertising, brand launches or touching wedding and anniversary entertainment.


If you’re looking for Arabic entertainment with a bit more vibrance and flair you should seriously consider booking the Tanoura Dancer. This traditional form of dance known as Sufi whirling is a completely mesmerising experience for the spectator. Originally a religious dance, this routine sees the performer spinning in a colourful and LED lit skirt that he eventually raises above his head. This is a high-speed and skilful routine that is great for night time events.


With Dubai being such a culturally diverse city beaming with weird and wonderful entertainment options, it is sometimes nice to take a step back and explore the possibility of using traditional Arabic entertainment to give corporate clients a true taste of their environment. The choice we have of Arabic music in Dubai for your private party, wedding, dinner party or corporate function will let your guests enjoy the sounds of Arabic folk music and the opportunity to witness it in front of them, by local musicians, is more than likely one they might not have had before.


If you’re looking to host and event or party in Dubai, we will help you find local Arabic entertainment from Dubai entertainers, this way everything is right on your doorstep. Our entertainment coordinators at Scarlett Entertainment are here to help and offer advice and suggestions so why not get in touch with them now. 

__By Tom Drakett

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