Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

This year has been rife with enquiries for award ceremony entertainment, from big industry events, to corporate award ceremonies. So we thought we’d take a look at some of the favourite ones that we’ve worked on so far and give you some unique awards ceremony ideas. 

Award ceremonies are always glitzy affairs – after all they are a chance to celebrate the best of the best and reward them for all of their achievements. And when one is celebrating it must be in style, so of course attendees will be expecting something special on the entertainment front – and something that will distract from the nerves. 


Mix and mingle entertainment for awards ceremonies

When guests arrive at an awards ceremony they’re excited, they’re ready to celebrate, and they’re full of nervous energy. That’s why having meet and greet entertainment that can mix and mingle with guests, strike up conversation, pose for photos and add a sense that something special is about to happen is perfect. 

Walkabout entertainment also tends to be versatile in nature meaning that it can be easily adapted to suit the event’s theme and the audience. 

Stilt walkers and acrobatic performers work incredibly well because they are skilled performers that can be totally transformed just by their costuming. They’re also hard to miss and if you get the costumes right, everyone will be wanting to have their photo taken with them.

Case in point... 

We’ve supplied stilt walkers for two awards ceremonies in the last month – one taking place in London, one in Singapore. (Did we mention these types of acts have a universal appeal?) In London the stilt walkers appeared at an industry awards ceremony and were dressed in the event’s colour scheme, whilst in Singapore they dressed in line with the company’s branding at a corporate awards ceremony.

What did they have in common? The photos should speak for themselves. 

Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Stilt walkers at the European Search Awards, image credit: Bartek Dziedzic, Photographer


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Stilt walkers at an awards ceremony in Singapore


Novelty performers are also a hit with guests and are particularly good if you’ve come up with ideas for a themed award ceremony. One of our clients recently held a Las Vegas themed corporate awards ceremony, complete with fake paparazzi, showgirls and celebrity lookalikes to meet and greet guests and entertain them during the opening drinks reception. 


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Angelina Jolie lookalike at a Vegas themed awards ceremony, photo by Fake Paps


Dancers can also perform mix and mingle sets before they take to the stage. They can adapt their costumes and routines to any theme – just make sure that the theme matches your program – from masquerade, to under the sea. 


Want to see some options?

Now that you’ve seen some examples of what is possible, here are some examples of interactive entertainment that we’ve picked out to pique your interest. 


Starship hoopers – these guys are as cool as it gets when it comes to LED walkabout entertainment. With costumes fashioned in a style that is something between black and white, futurism, steam punk and circus, these skilled circus artists perform ambient entertainment with LED hoops – perfect for the low lighting of a drinks reception venue. As skilled at striking up conversation as they are at spinning hoops at lightening speed around parts of their body, their one of a kind freestyle performances will mesmerise attendees.


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Performance stilt walkers – these stilt walkers are incredibly versatile! They have a huge range of costumes; creating an array of roaming characters, perfect to suit a whole range of corporate award ceremony themes. If you have something specific in mind they can even make costumes especially for your event to suit your theme.


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Vegas show guys and girls, photo by Fake Paps


Showgirls and professional dancers – professional dancers who can also mix and mingle with your event attendees as they arrive; these fabulous ladies have costumes to suit a number of different themes. Once nominees have had a chance to have their photo taken with these superstars they can watch them perform live on stage. 


Show stopping awards ceremony openers

The only way to top the entrance entertainment is a show-stopping performance to open the awards ceremony. In the past we’ve had clients that have booked dance shows, freestanding aerialists and most recently our mirror ball acrobat – all stunning options that have captivated attendees and only served to heighten the high-energy atmosphere of excitement.


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Mirror Ball Act, photo by Fake Paps


Of course performances that incorporate LEDs, glitter and sparkles work the best as they stand out in the ambient lighting conditions, but the style of performance is all down to what type of awards ceremony you are holding (are your audience likely to be conservative or more on the wild side?) and your theme. 


The Crowd Pleaser


If your venue has the rigging points to allow then an aerial performance never fails to impress. One of our most spectacular aerial performances is this aerial sphere act. Offering a short, high-impact show packed full of breathtaking aerial stunts the show can be custom choreographed to your music of choice with an outfit to match the theme. 


Celebrating Women in Industry


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

If your awards ceremony is solely for celebrating the female icons in your industry then a powerful performance from a group of female performers is exactly what you need. Showcasing impressive skill, precision choreography, and event branding in the form of blazing pixel poi, this incredible female dance group’s high-impact shows are the perfect awards ceremony opener. These ladies can also play with fire. 


The Tech Awards


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Hosting an award ceremony to recognise the best tech in your industry? Then you need an impressive tech-based show to opening proceedings. With advancements in technology happening so quickly it can be hard to stay ahead of the game and present something that hasn’t been seen before. This group of professional LED dancers have created a dance and drone show that is sure to raise eyebrows – in a good way, we promise – and epitomises the relationship between man and technology. 


Something a little bit edgy


Top Ideas For Award Ceremony Entertainment

Need something that’s a little bit edgy to kick-start your awards ceremony? Introducing: The Mirrored Moon. This beautiful kinetic sculpture in the shape of a crescent moon covered in hundreds of mirrors creates a spectacular visual, but that’s not the only element to this show. Burlesque starlet Vicky uses this iconic giant prop to perform a tantalising acrobatic show that can range from ethereal to erotic. This is a performance that has graced magazine covers, music videos, and entertained guests at Kensington Palace.


The acts we’ve mentioned here are all examples – if you’d like something similar based locally to where your awards ceremony is being held let us know. We’ll try our best to source a similar performance for you. 


A perfect end, to a night of celebration

Of course the rest of the evening’s entertainment is easier – pick a professional host, famous celebrity, comedian and speaker to amuse attendees throughout the ceremony itself before inviting them to take to the dance floor in celebration – facilitated by a well-known DJ or covers band. 


If you need some help picking out a charismatic awards hosts or MC or professional speaker on your industry, or help finding the right celebrity to add star quality to the ceremony no problem, get in touch! We’ll be able to present you with a personalised list of recommendations based on your needs. 


The same goes for DJs and cover bands – with so many options, get in touch and we can advise on the best match for your theme and audience! 


Ideas for awards ceremonies

So there you have our unique entertainment ideas for awards ceremonies – from interesting walkabout acts to amuse guests as they arrive and provide fun photo opportunities, to impressive show openers that will leave a lasting impression! 



Get in touch

If you’re looking for the perfect awards ceremony entertainment, get in touch! We’d loved to help make your celebration extra special. You can catch us by calling (+44) 1626 572072 or by filling in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you. 


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