Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities That Will Make Your Employees Feel Like Royals

Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities That Will Make Your Employees Feel Like Royals

We live in a time of rapid change, and these changes also affect relationships between employers and employees. Keeping hardworking groups motivated and happy makes them work better and more efficiently, which means productivity also improves. Every employee would like to get recognition and feel their hard work is appreciated and valued. There are many ways to reward employees for their efforts and continued contributions to your business’ success, but what if you have already exhausted many resources? That’s when Scarlett Entertainment can give you a helping hand.
There are many employee reward ideas to explore, and we’re here to help you discover them. Among the many corporate rewards and incentives you can choose from, there are some really luxurious and creative incentives that will make your employees feel like royals. Luxury corporate gits and activities have a dual function: they will make workers feel that they’re valued and they also give them the opportunity to do something fun and different together, allowing them to create lasting ties of friendship. Would you like to know more about the multiple benefits of rewards for employees? Then check the top 5 luxury activities we bring you today.

Benefits of corporate rewards and incentives

There are many ways in which you can let your employees know that their hard work and efforts are valued. Individual corporate rewards and incentives can generate healthy competition between workers and encourage them to meet their goals month after month.


They are also an effective strategy for businesses that would like to retain its more qualified and hardworking employees, not to mention the positive work environment they generate.


The fact that employees in a company are happy and motivated can also attract some of the best professionals in the market. This in turn builds or strengthens a business’ reputation and creates vital links with potential associates and customers. Read this post about the importance of employee recognition to know a more about the topic.


With regards to monetary benefit, we’re talking about a long-term investment, as the happier the employees are, the better their performance. All in all, rewards for employees produce benefits for both employees and workers. Individual rewards such as time flexibility, choice of holidays, public recognition and monetary incentives are very effective, but what about group incentives? When it comes to group performance, there are other ways luxury corporate gits and activities to encourage them to keep up the good work and not only that, but also make them feel like royals.


Top 5 luxury activities to reward employees

If as a boss you think your workers deserve the best, then the below employee reward ideas are a great way to let them know how valuable their contributions to your company are. All the below ideas are luxurious activities your employees can enjoy together.

Perfume workshop

Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities That Will Make Your Employees Feel Like Royals

A unique and luxurious experience that is a feast for the senses, especially the sense of smell. This Perfume Workshop is the perfect luxury activity for fragrance lovers and provides a fun, extravagant experience to share with colleagues whilst also learning something new. Participants will be given the opportunity to create their own scent with the help of perfume stylists. These experts can advise people on what the best fragrances for different occasions are and guide them through the creation process so that they can take a bespoke perfume home with them at the end of the activity. What could be better than having your own personalised and individual fragrance? This masterclass is an exceptional group experience that will leave lasting memories – especially an unforgettable one in the form of a perfume.
Capacity for: from 50 to 1,000 participants
Available in: Brighton and all around the world

Diamonds Forever

Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities That Will Make Your Employees Feel Like Royals

Glamourous and sophisticated, this top class group activity is an over the top experience. Diamonds Forever is a unique and original concept and one of the most creative incentives for employees you can find. To start with, participants will be greeted and given a glass of fine Champagne by some glamourous hostesses. Your employees will be amazed when they discover the sparkling stone that nests on the bottom of their glasses. Only one of the glasses contain a real diamond or gemstone. All stones will be examined by on-site diamond experts, who will offer a theatrical showcase for greater enjoyment. The person with the real diamond in his/her glass will be provided with a certificate and a luxury presentation case. This diamond experience is guaranteed to make your employees feel like truly VIP guests. Among all the champagne glasses they will have in a lifetime, this is the one they will never forget.
Capacity for: Limitless
Available in: the UK and all around the world

Fashion Workshop

Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities That Will Make Your Employees Feel Like Royals

Among the awesome employee perks you can surprise workgroups with, there are some especially designed for ladies. It’s the case of this Fashion Workshop, an activity that is particularly enjoyed by fashion lovers and that will encourage creativity and imagination. Some of the techniques participants will practice include ceramic painting, champagne glass decoration and live drawing. With the one and only goal to promote laughter and fun, this fashion masterclass will immerse amateur designers into a bygone era and will allow them to create amazing retro pieces of clothing.
Capacity for: from eight to 40 people
Available in: Scotland (you can check other fashion workshops in your country by contacting our team of experts)
Options for men: The above fashion masterclass can be attended by both men and women, but those would rather enjoy another activity can be rewarded with a relaxing massage. Provided by professional masseuses, workers can enjoy this service fully dressed and on site. Is there anything more relaxing and restful than getting a free massage as a reward for your hard work? Your employees will be in heaven!


Gin Tasting Workshop


Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities That Will Make Your Employees Feel Like Royals

Very few people wouldn’t enjoy a glass of fine liquor. That’s why this Gin Tasting Workshop is one of the most popular corporate rewards and incentives among employees. It’s like inviting them to a party except they in addition to the fun and laughter, they  also get to gain knowledge about different types of gin. Your employees will taste different gin combinations, including drinks with berries and aromatics like coriander and pink pepper. From citrus to spice, they will even have the opportunity to create their own cocktail  and will end up the day knowing how to make the perfect gin tonic.
Capacity for: from 10 to 200 people
Available in: The UK (check other wine/beet/liquor tasting activities in your country by contacting us. Allow your employees to develop their creativity and who knows - they could end up creating original drinks such as Harry Potter's famous butterbeer if you have a themed event). 
Additional fun: Besides the memory of a unique experience, your employees can take a 3D printed version of themselves as a memento. Yes, you read that right. Your full team can have amazingly realistic little sculptures of themselves and keep them as a prize or a reminder of a fun corporate group activity. This cutting-edge entertainment option can be ideal for employees who are not that easy to impress and who are into technology. These 3D figurines can even include any logo or branding, so they are the perfect luxury corporate gift for workgroups.


Chocolatier Workshop Germany

Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities That Will Make Your Employees Feel Like Royals

If a box of chocolate isn't enough of an incentive, then wait until you check what this Chocolatier Workshop is about. During this four-hour masterclass, your employees will discover the art behind creating delicious chocolate bars and truffles. They will also enjoy some tasty chocolate from different plantations and cultivation areas and learn the origins of one of the world's  favourite sweet treats . On top of that, an expert in cocoa (especially brought from Ecuador) will provide participants with cocoa samples that they can enjoy with a nice glass of Mediterranean wine.
Capacity for: from 10 to 200 people
Available in: Germany (check other chocolate workshops in your country by asking one of our experts).


Get them talking about their awesome employee perks 

Would you like your employees to spread the word about how happy and valued they feel in your company? Then the luxury activities described above are the perfect VIP experiences. From champagne to chocolate, there are many food and drink related workshops and activities that can be used to reward staff and draw the team together in a shared experience click here for more options. Vintage fashion masterclasses, personal perfume creation workshops and releasing massages are just a small snapshot of all the luxury team building activities we offer, view our full selection here


Have you ever rewarded your employees with one of the above activities or anything similar? We’d love to hear about your experiences and know what has worked best for you. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the above luxury corporate gifts and employee reward ideas, then don’t hesitate to contact us today and request further information on 01626 572072 or fill in our contact form so we can contact you back.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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