Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Wondering how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand or trade show booth? We’ve got some exciting solutions for you along with our insider tips and tricks. 

Whether it’s your first time attending, or you’re regularly seen at industry events, coming up with a design as well as entertainment that will really make your booth stand out at a fair or exhibition can be a challenge!  

Trade show booth entertainment ideas are always changing with the latest industry trends, so to help you stay ahead of the game we’ve come up with a few ideas for exhibition stands and trade show booths that will really make sure you’re noticed. 

Exhibition Stand Design Ideas 

Furniture – why stick to a trade stand that resembles a box with several sides missing? Some of the most successful trade show stands and exhibition booths that we’ve seen have opted to steer clear of this ‘traditional’ and, let’s face it, expected look and instead elected to make their space more inviting with furniture! 

From cushy leather sofas that look like they’ve been taken straight out of a trendy bistro pub, to space-age illuminated seating cubes – furniture can be used to match your brand’s style and create a welcoming feel that will appeal directly to your target audience. It is also one of the easiest ways to make your stand or booth visually stand out from the rest.  

Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Props – if you’re not sure about opting for a full suite of furniture, props – of any size – still offer a great way to visually catch attention on a smaller scale and are the ideal way to make large and small exhibition stands stand out! 


You can opt for a series of smaller table-top props that match your brand and theme to help create multiple areas of visual interest, or one stand-out prop that ties in with your overall colour scheme or theme. Either way, we all know that things that are visually attractive are more likely to see more visitors. So whether it’s LED letters, inflatables, flowers, or a giant clog (shoe) – yes we’ve seen it happen – props will draw in passers-by, encourage photos and social sharing, and be more memorable.  


Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Décor – Coloured walls and banners will help draw the eye and if you’re attending a fashion, wedding, or even garden trade exhibition then an extravagant flower wall might just help you attract that footfall. 


Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stand Attractions

We say it time and again nothing works like having something interactive to draw people in to visit exhibition stands and trade show booths! If there is something on your stand that people can get involved in themselves or something that allows them to become part of the performance as spectators, then this will do your footfall a world of favours. 


Whilst magicians with custom magic tricks, Rubik’s Cube artists, caricaturists and robots are ever-popular forms of interactive entertainment for trade show booths and exhibition stands, we have another article for that.  


In this post we want to show you some unique new acts that we just can’t get enough of and that just so happen to work wonders at attracting passers-by. 


Mirror Box Show - Measuring 4ft by 4ft this LED Mirror Box will have no trouble slotting into the average exhibition booth (10ft by 10ft) and really does shout ‘look at me’! Made out of double-sided mirrored Perspex and illuminated with LED strip lighting, this mirror box creates an illusionary visual effect that is only enhanced by the circus performer it contains – welcome to the house of mirrors! Extraordinarily entertaining, the whole performance is customisable: choose from an acrobat, juggler, contortionist, dancer or aerialist; any soundtrack you like; and a range of different coloured and themed costumes. No one will walk past without enquiring about the act, taking photos or simply watching – the perfect in for you. 


Tip – the mirror box can also be hired as a stand alone prop without a performer, if you’d prefer to use it to show-off your latest product.


Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

3D Interactive Projection – Moving images are an effective way of attracting attention. What makes this so different from any other projection service is that it is completely portable and the graphics displayed are controlled in real time by the handler, allowing for greater interaction between the graphic and attendees. The projected graphics can be customised to you or created solely for you; whether you have a company mascot, fun logo, or want to create a character specifically for this event. 


As well as having the projection displayed on your booth, you could turn this into an interactive game for attendees and prospective clients. 


How? Create a character and hashtag specifically for the event. Send one or several walkabout projectors out to walk around the venue. Hand out fliers with instructions to attendees – who ever spots a character, must take a photo and post to social media using the correct #hashtag and tagging your company. All they have to do is arrive at your booth or stand with proof of this to earn a free gift! Not only does this spread brand awareness, spread the word about your stand and give attendees a reason to visit you – it’s also fun and memorable. Need ideas for a gift? We’ve got some ideas here


Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Interactive Exhibition Games – if you have a number of high-value giveaways on your stand, why not make visitors to your stand work a little bit harder to win the big prize. 


This code cracking game does just that – they’ll have to work to open the box by finding the solution to a code. The whole game and answer can be themed to reflect something specific about your company, whilst the polycarbonate panels can be customised with branding. 


Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Another option is this cyclone ball game, (you may recognise the concept from several TV shows), which challenges participants to collect as many coloured balls as possible within a given time frame. Again the frame can be customised with branding and colours. 


Tip & Tricks on How to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Most people love a challenge and games like these will attract visitors from across the whole venue, enticed by the prospect of not only beating the game but also winning a coveted prize! In the process they’ll learn about your company and hopefully convert into a future client. 


Promotional Staff 

Promotional staff are a great way to get your name out there whilst you’re at the event. Get them to wear branded clothing or costumes, and they can work on your stand to grab visitor’s attention and also go out into the crowds and drum up interest about your stand. You could also get them to hand out enticing tasters of what to expect at your stand, whether it’s food or drinks samples, or examples of custom made gifts.  


Multi-lingual hostesses are also incredibly helpful if you’re attending an international exhibition or trade show. 


How to stand out at an exhibition?

Be creative, ensure that your stand has a defining visual feature, incorporate branding in a unique way, create a game that visitors will want to participate in. 


All of the acts that we’ve mentioned in this article are available to book as exhibition entertainment. If you have a specific idea for your stand but aren’t quite sure how to execute it, get in touch and we can help make your idea a reality! Call us on (+44) 1626 572072 or fill out our online enquiry form and someone will be in touch. 

__By Alanna Bestwick

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