The Greatest Show On Earth  250 Years Of The Circus

The Greatest Show On Earth 250 Years Of The Circus

Philip Astley, the main character in the hit film ‘The Greatest Showman’ created the circus in the 18th century by pulling together the world's most strange and wonderful acts. Astley’s showmanship allowed him to present the unseen before performances to excited crowds of hundreds of people. 

Astley’s traditional UK acts included equestrian showcases with cavalrymen riding their horses while performing an array headstands and flips, riders even rode horses while swarmed by bees to shock audience members. After the successes of his first shows, Philip Astley took the circus to new heights and just like us, took circus to global audiences.

Philip Astley discovered the popularity of producing a show that delivered the shock factor and the unheard of. This was the ultimate reason for the success of his famous circus. He left guests at his events in awe of crazy, never seen before, entertainment. In the 21st century it can become tricky to find new acts and performance options that audiences haven’t already viewed on YouTube or other social networking websites, however, there is still lots of entertainment options out there that your audience members would not have seen. 

Here at Scarlett Entertainment we know the circus is still alive and kicking and we have everything you need to create the greatest circus show on earth, in any venue.

Russian Bar Trio Las Vegas


If it's traditional performance options and world famous stars you are after then look no further our Russian Bar trio who actually featured in the hit movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. These performers are based in Las Vegas and are the perfect authentic circus entertainers for circus themed corporate entertainment.


The Greatest Show On Earth  250 Years Of The Circus


Discover more about the performers who featured in ‘The Greatest Showman’.


Heat up your circus theme with A Flaming Sax


Available as a stage solo artist or as a walkabout performer this ringmaster shoots fire out of his saxophone while he gathers audience members to see the delights of your event. 


The Greatest Show On Earth  250 Years Of The Circus


Check out our Flaming Sax circus entertainment option via his act page here.


For something wacky you might think of choosing a Human Slinky!


Perfect for any event and an act that looking for a visual treat that is totally unique. This outrageous dance act offers an original spectacle that embodies every fun aspect of the circus.


The Greatest Show On Earth  250 Years Of The Circus

Find out more about The Human Slinky.


Shock factor at an outdoor event? Check out The Human Cannonball


With over 23 years of explosive cannon experience, our Human Cannonball is an extreme act that Philip Astley would have been proud to have in his artillery. Our crazy daredevil has made a living from being shot out of a cannon at speeds of over 55mph at a target 165ft away.



Raise the profile of your event with The Human Cannonball Show


Need A Musical Number? Musical Acro Duo


This all-in-one show is a hilarious fusion of comedy, music and acrobatics that encompases every aspect of a wacky and wonderful circus act. These performers can customise their act to you needs and can incorporate different styles of music and wear a variety of themed or branded outfits.


The Greatest Show On Earth  250 Years Of The Circus


Our Musical Acro Duo is available to hire worldwide.


The Crazier The Better, Extreme Balancing Board Act


This rock and roll performance combined with an extreme rola bola act is like no other. These performers take circus tricks to the extreme and not only perform crazy stunts, but do so whilst playing live rock music with electric guitars. This is a circus act like nothing you have ever seen before!



The Greatest Show On Earth  250 Years Of The Circus

Find out more about this Extreme Balancing Board Act.


One Of A Kind Comedy Can Head


Our one of a kind circus performer is ideal for brand activations. Our Comedy Can Head act has made a living from his rare skin condition that allows him to stick almost anything to his head. He is the only person in the USA to have this condition and therefore is extraordinary individual.


The Greatest Show On Earth  250 Years Of The Circus

LED Juggler Paris


Nothing represents the magic of the circus more than a juggling act which is why we had to throw one into the mix. Our LED Juggler Paris has lit up the eyes of audience members around the world with his modern take on a traditional circus act.



Find out more about all of our juggling acts.


We are the experts in providing  high quality circus entertainment for events globally. To discover the huge roster of acts and shows we have available to hire visit our Circus Entertainment Category.


Or if you want your event to have that Philip Astley feel like ‘The Greatest Showman’ Circus then get in touch with our entertainment specialists who will be happy to help your next show raise the roof.

__By Elliot Pettifer

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