The Best Cover Songs to Get Your Crowd on the Dancefloor this Holiday Season

The Best Cover Songs to Get Your Crowd on the Dancefloor this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again when invitations to holiday parties flood into guests’ inboxes and drop onto door mats, but how do you ensure that your party is the one that guests remember? 

A top party band is one our essential ingredients to a memorable evening, and the setlist of cover songs they perform can make or break an otherwise faultless performance. 

Luckily, our roster of exceptional live music acts have years of experience performing for an array of occasions and know exactly which tunes, old and new, are among the most requested cover songs. 

With their fingers firmly on the industry pulse and benefitting from constant interaction with guests of the events they play, our cover bands relentlessly refresh their repertoires with the best cover songs, hottest party tunes, danceable anthems, and Christmas party hits for your event.

Take a look below at our roundup of the essential party band songs guaranteed to rock any special celebration, Christmas festivities, or New Year’s Eve party this holiday season. 

Some of the most requested cover songs to make our list are…

Havana by Camila Cabello ft Young Thug


Bursting onto the scene in 2017, this single from Camila Cabello draws on her Cuban heritage for a sound that radiates Latin flare. 


Upbeat with an undulating rhythm, Latin fusion plays to the current trend for Spanish tempos and language breaking into pop music. Brought to the masses by Justin Bieber’s Despacito, a Latin flavour encourages dancers to think with their feet rather than their heads.


Described by Cabello herself as a ‘wind your waist’ track, it’s sure to have guests replicating the red dress emoji with their holiday party moves!


A favourite among many of our party bands and showbands, this Acoustic Three Piece also proves that you can get high-impact from just a trio of musicians. 


Combining powerful female vocals, electronic drum pad, and electric acoustic guitar, our talented trio present an exceptional option for live music entertainment at bars, venues, parties, and more. 


Achieving number one in twelve countries, breaking into the top 10 in a further 10, and winning video of the year at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, Havana is sure to flood the dancefloor in no time. 


Camila Cabello’s Havana is becoming one our bands’ most requested cover songs

Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

One of our generation’s best-selling artists, it’s not surprising to find an Ed Sheeran track on our list of essential party band songs. 


The British singer-songwriter has enjoyed continued success worldwide with the release of his three albums, including the release of his single, Shape of You, which demonstrated a new twist in his unmistakable sound.


Originally penned by Sheeran with Rihanna in mind, he was convinced by the head of his record label to keep it for himself. He’s probably glad he did! Shape of You has drawn more than 3.7 billion views on YouTube and is also the most-played track ever on Spotify, with more than 1.5 billion streams, hitting number one in 34 countries and winning the Grammy award for Best Pop Solo Performance. 


Infused with dancehall and tropical house influences, the Caribbean-flavoured, syncopated beat is one that audiences immediately recognise and will know word for word. A future classic, Shape of You has already been covered in a multitude of different styles on our roster from a capella groups, violin solos, jazz revival styles, and even oud players making it one of the most popular cover songs of 2018. 


This one of a kind band offers customisable live music experiences where the client chooses their perfect line-up. Our Create Your Own Band France is hugely popular for weddings, and corporate entertaining, and is sure to make your office party with their Christmas party hits.


Shape of You is among the best cover songs that will have guests singing each and every word

The Greatest Show by the Cast of The Greatest Showman

It’s no secret that 2018’s Blockbuster smash musical, The Greatest Showman, has reignited our taste for vintage circus themed events. With a number of its promotional singles going straight to the top of the charts, and its official soundtrack album reaching the top 10 in the UK, US, Australia and Japan, our cover bands would be wise to add a sprinkling of circus magic to their mix. 


One to be sung at the top of your lungs is the film’s opening number, The Greatest Show - a feel-good power ballad with all the glittering magic of the circus and messages of reaching for the stars. 


Strong and empowering, the track has wide appeal beyond the film’s devoted fans, as well as potential to mix into a medley with the musical’s additional smash hits, This Is Me, and Rewrite the Stars - essential party band songs of the moment.


We also expect a revival of sing-along ABBA tunes and hits from classic rock legends Queen thanks to the hotly anticipated film releases this year.


Donning their best vintage circus costumes, cover bands such as our Electric Swing Circus bring the spirit and spectacle of the big top tent and can learn cover song requests. Ask for musical favourites and hold onto your hats! 


Perfect for audiences young and old, request current musical classics from the likes of The Greatest Showman, ABBA and Queen

Modern Christmas Party Hits - Covers With A Contemporary Edge

Finally, any Christmas party needs a cracker of a cover song for the end of the night that will send guests away happy and bright. Playing heavily to fuzzy feelings of nostalgia, classic Christmas party hits are the way to go to round off a holiday party. 


From Wham!’s retro ‘Last Christmas’ and Irish folk-ballad ‘Fairytale of New York’ by the Pogues, to the sultry ‘Santa Baby’ by Eartha Kit and the modern and classic collaborative versions of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, every quintessential Christmas hit has been covered in a multitude of different styles over the decades. 


It’s the job of a great cover band to take the most requested cover songs of the festive season and refresh them with a new and unexpected style. Whether it be a golden oldie with a rap verse, pop turned into swing for a vintage vibe, or slow classics sped up to dancing speed, guests will delight in hearing the familiar reinvented with a contemporary take. 


Our Swing Band Sweden does just that with Bing Crosby’s 1940s ‘White Christmas’ rocking a glitter beard and velvet smoking jackets. This high-octane show band is the life and soul of any party, delivering an electric atmosphere and infectious energy with a side of old fashioned glamour. Perfect or any Christmas party, New Year’s Eve celebration, or holiday party.


The best cover songs for any holiday party must include at least one Christmas party hit!

Essential Party Band Songs for 2018 and Beyond

Will the current popular cover songs of 2018 and Christmas party hits stand the test of time? We have reason to believe they will. Rising through the charts and cementing catchy tunes in the ears of listeners, this crop of essential party band songs have become anthems for a generation of listeners as well as generations to come. 

Contemporary today and nostalgic tomorrow, the best cover songs are the ones guaranteed to fill a dance floor and keep partygoers moving all night long!

How does our list of popular cover songs of 2018 compare to last year’s? Take a look at the most requested cover songs of 2017.

Scarlett Entertainment has a truly fantastic roster of party bands ready to perform the most requested cover songs at your next holiday event in the UK, Europe, the US, and beyond. 

Remember that our artists boast extraordinary repertoires that span decades, genres, cultures and occasions. What are your favourite popular cover songs of 2018? Let us know and we’ll find a band that can learn and perform them just for you.

From exceptional glitzy showbands to acoustic duos, vintage style cover bands, and interactive bandeoke, we have it all. 

Contact our team to find out more. 


__By Freya Britton

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