Seeing Stars! Make Magic with a Celestial Theme this Festive Season

Seeing Stars! Make Magic with a Celestial Theme this Festive Season

It’s official, we’re starry-eyed for all things celestial

Astrological motifs and nights sky references have dominated both on and off the runway for the past few seasons, offering us plenty of high-end inspiration for an alternative Christmas party theme.

As the nights draw in and we look forward to the glitz and glamour that the winter party season brings, we’re looking to star themed entertainment to brighten the dark.

Ready to discover our top moon and stars? Let’s get lost in the celestial theme trend...

LED Moon and Stars Ballet

A spectacular ballet performance that will sparkle at any elegant event, our classical troupe is perfect for night time or winter themes. White LED tutus and radiant silver LED moon and star headdresses make this is a one of a kind, truly magical performance. Not just for Christmas, this sophisticated take on LED ballet dancers is one that works for a luxury party theme, whatever time of year.



Aerial Moon Act

This visually stunning aerial performance is guaranteed to keep crowds looking skywards in awe. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it can also be performed with the moon prop hanging from a cluster of balloons. Choose from a range of costumes for the aerial dancer to finish off your luxury party theme. Or why not have them drop glistening star confetti or serve champagne for a special touch?


Seeing Stars! Make Magic with a Celestial Theme this Festive Season

Starlight Stilt Walkers

Our Starlight Stilt Walkers offer a spectacular outdoor show that explores the beauty and magic of the stars at night. The fantasy walkabout act is an amazing option to mix and mingle with your guests as well as offer a staged performance with music, illuminations and pyrotechnics. 

Hinting at fantasy and astronomy, this act tips your moon and stars theme into fairytale territory. 


Seeing Stars! Make Magic with a Celestial Theme this Festive Season

The Mirrored Moon

How could we explore a moon and stars theme without mentioning The Mirrored Moon? A classic favourite, this burlesque performer utilises both her dance and circus training to create a unique acrobatic fusion: spinning, twisting and swinging as she playfully suspends herself between heaven and earth on a rocking mirrored crescent.


Constellation Hoop Act

Looking for something a more contemporary? Treat your audience to a little stargazing! Filled with glowing LED lights, this aerial star mobile creates a beautiful starry ceiling that will cast any venue with a fantastical atmosphere. Falling from among the stars dressed head to toe in a beautiful galactic catsuit, our silvery-white aerialist performs hypnotic aerial hoop stunts.


Seeing Stars! Make Magic with a Celestial Theme this Festive Season

Lunar Mime Character 

Adorned in an elaborate illuminated lunar themed costume, this performer wonders amongst guests handing out tiny messages of wisdom. Each of the messages contained in her beautiful handheld globe will bring a smile to the recipient’s face as it offers words of encouragement and positivity.


Seeing Stars! Make Magic with a Celestial Theme this Festive Season

Moon and Stars Theme for an Alternative Christmas Party Theme

Inspired by the beauty of the skies? We have thousands more heaven-sent acts, providers and specialists that are able to turn your vision into a reality. Ask our Entertainment Experts for advice and create your very own luxury party theme. 

Looking for more?

We love dreaming up luxury party themes, why not check our Diamond-Inspired collection of acts for another alternative Christmas party theme?


__By Freya Britton

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