Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

Fashion Inspired Entertainment That Will Hit The Catwalk This Season 


The start of a new decade has generated high expectations in every market and sector, and fashion is no exception. 100 years ago, the 1920s set the bar high for the industry and brands are taking the challenge of meeting expectations very seriously. When it comes to entertainment for fashion events, Scarlett Entertainment has got you covered. Awarded for the spectacular vertical fashion show we put together on the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, we’re more than ready to help event planners and brands achieve great things.

With more and more designers looking to offer truly unique experiences to those lucky enough to be in the front row, we’re looking forward to helping them create exciting fashion-inspired entertainment and bring their fashion shows to the next level. 


Fashion Show Ideas We’ve Learnt From 

Circus, ballet and technology have been top fashion week trends in the last few years. The Big Four (New York, London, Milan, Paris fashion weeks, those that receive the majority of press coverage) have all experimented with virtual reality, video mapping and other cutting-edge entertainment options to offer attendees extraordinary front row experiences. 

However, one of our favourite fashion show ideas of all time is simple and was inspired by a traditional form of entertainment. We’re talking about the Dior Haute Couture Show at Paris Fashion Week in 2019, where fashionistas enjoyed a minimalistic circus-inspired show delivered by a group of acrobats. Surrounded by a gorgeous backdrop of twinkling lights in which seems to be a circus tent, performers executed various hand-balance tricks and acrobatics whilst models did their runway walks. Watch it yourself:

Other extraordinary fashion show entertainment we’ve seen and loved include this sensational flamenco choreography by a male dance group performed at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2019; this captivating and magical ballet performance at Dior Spring Summer 2019 Fashion show in Paris; or this visually stunning dress projection mapping at Franck Sorbier fashion show in Paris back in 2012. 


If you would like to see more extraordinary fashion show entertainment, make sure you do a quick YouTube search and immerse yourself in a world of great beauty, creativity and haute couture! 


Breaking the Rules: Fashion Inspired Entertainment to Make an Impact

As much as we love traditional entertainment options such as circus and ballet, we’re looking forward to seeing groundbreaking shows and entertainers hit the catwalk in the following years. That’s why we’re proud to bring you a compilation of innovative and transforming fashion show ideas that are meant to be game-changers and set fashion week trends for the upcoming summer/spring and autumn/winter seasons. 


Bespoke Burlesque Shows Inspired by any Fashion Concept

This artistic couple proposes innovative fashion show ideas as they can transform any concept you have in mind into a provocative and groundbreaking performance. Former models and professional dancers, this pair produce and perform fully bespoke burlesque fashion shows. 


Having created unique opening performances for international runway shows for both London and Paris fashion weeks, these creative souls incorporate varied elements into their shows, some of which include aerial chains and hoop, fire, French can-can, LED hula hoops, Oriental fan and fire dance, tap dance, Voguing, ballet, and more. 


Whether you plan to pay tribute to a specific designer, era or trend, our performers can help you transform your idea into a unique show. Everything and anything, from choreography to costuming and make-up, can be designed with your idea in mind. Make sure you read more about them and watch some of the amazing shows they have produced in the past.


Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

In the photo: Burlesque Fashion Shows



Performances Inspired by Religion 


If we learnt something from the 2018 MET Gala was the fact the link between religion and fashion is more relevant than ever. The gala’s theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” inspired the below religious fashion show and created new fashion week trends. 


The below is a truly innovative and fascinating blend of burlesque, aerial dance, ballet and fashion inspired by British designer Alexander McQueen. A splendid, glorious and somehow disruptive way to pay homage to one of the world’s most lauded designers, this thought-provoking performance has all the ingredients to generate buzz and break the rules: suggestive costuming, a controversial approach and most importantly and dramatic staging. 


Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

In the photo: Religious Fashion Show


Runway Entertainment Inspired by Nostalgia 


Many fashion designers and icons have left an indelible footprint in the world. Gianni Versace, Coco Channel, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent...many names come to mind when we think of those whose legacy prevails. Our models and performers have produced shows that pay tribute to big names in the fashion industry and that are expected to be seen on the catwalk more regularly. 


It’s the case of the below shows. Inspired by French designer Thierry Mugler and androgynous model Grace Jones respectively, these performances are meant to transport audiences back to the 90s and 70s. Aiming to create an ambient similar to the one at Studio 54 or the most exclusive fashion shows of the 1990s, we expect nostalgia to play an important role in runway shows in the recently-inaugurated decade, meaning tribute performances like these are expected to open numerous runway shows in coming fashion seasons. 


Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

In the photo: LED Hoop Femme and Fashion Disco Duo


Entertainment for Fashion Events: Vintage Prevails


The power of vintage remains. Following the above-mentioned statement about nostalgia and its powerful influence in fashion, we can see a clear tendency towards vintage entertainment at fashion shows. With the world celebrating 100 years of the roaring 1920s, we expect to see a rise in the demand of 1920s entertainers, and fashion shows are no exception to this prediction. 


Acts such as 1920s showgirls and vintage fashion characters, such as the ones you can see in the pictures below, will hit the catwalk in the coming seasons and you can also expect to see them roaming around exclusive VIP parties before and after runway shows. Glamourous and provocative, society’s obsession with the past will be reflected in the entertainment we’ll see at fashion shows in the foreseeable future. 


Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

In the photo: 1920s Fashion Showgirls and Vintage Beach Ladies 


The Rise of Men in Fashion 


Whoever said fashion was a woman’s thing clearly didn’t realise the most prestigious haute couture designers are men. We are pleased to be able to offer shows that break boundaries by incorporating male performers who reflect upon gender roles and stereotypes. 


Some of our favourite acts for the coming seasons include the performances proposed by our LED Male Ballerinas, an act that was created specifically for Dolce and Gabbana and that premiered at their couture fashion after-party in Milan. 


Equally guaranteed to turn heads at any runway show, the below Sailor Boy Acrobats is also one of our go-to entertainment options for fashion shows. Blending aerial artistry with elements of drag and boylesque, their performance is a tribute to one of Jean Paul Gaultier’s most iconic perfume campaigns. Sassy and sensual, this duo’s performance is the perfect way to generate conversations around a subject that is still considered taboo. 


Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

In the photo: LED Male Ballerinas and Sailor Boy Acrobats 


The Role of Technology and Extravagance in Fashion 


Runway shows are well-known around the world for the outlandish and unusual designs often seen on the catwalk. A tribute to that extravagance and exaggeration might be our Red Rose Hostesses, gorgeous themed models wearing a beautifully crafted red rose dress guaranteed to make heads turn. 


Video mapping and LED technology are expected to be ongoing fashion week trends. The below illuminated LED dress is a great example of how these trends can be translated into unique and fascinating performances, as artists such as live musicians can wear dresses like the below whilst they perform on the catwalk, proving fashion and technology are more linked than ever before.


Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

In the photo: Illuminated Dress Violin Player and Red Rose Hostess 


Unconventional Designs and Fashion à la carte


Lastly, we can’t overlook the fact that unconventional designs and fashion à la carte are among our most popular requests for fashion shows. Able to create complex concepts, Scarlett Entertainment produces bespoke fashion shows guaranteed to be a visual spectacle with mass appeal. From eco-friendly fashion shows and 3D video mapping fashion shows to fashion shows in the air and even flash mob fashion shows, the possibilities are endless!


Lastly, why not consider a fashion body mapping 3D projection act? A show that is transforming the fashion world is the ultimate cutting edge technology for any event, this walkabout projection allows garments to be customised in a matter of seconds as designs are projected onto clothes, models and catwalks for a high tech fashion show.


Runaway Revolution: Fashion Show Ideas To Break The Rules

In the photo: Fashion Body Mapping and Bespoke Fashion Shows


Explore Further Entertainment for Fashion Events


If you enjoyed reading about the above fashion show ideas and you’re longing for more, then we invite you to read our entertainment trends for fashion events


We can’t wait to see the incredible designs and runways shows big brands have put together for the upcoming spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons. If you’re attending a fashion show this year and spot unique entertainment, we’d love to see it! Make sure you take a picture and tag us on Instagram @scarlett_entertainment


Are you planning a unique front-row experience and you’re in search of something truly fresh and never-seen-before? Then contact us today and let us help you create it! 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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