Rise of The Robots: Technology For Your Tradeshow

Rise of The Robots: Technology For Your Tradeshow

Technological Fascination

Robots. They’ve captured the public’s imagination since the 1920s, when Karel Capek’s play ‘R.U.R’ first introduced the world to the Czech derived word for ‘forced labour’. Since then, the idea of robots and artificial intelligence has swept popular culture, finding itself deeply embedded in film, television, toys and more. From Rosie the loveable robot in the Jetsons, the iconic ‘Star Wars’ duo that is R2-D2 and C-3PO through to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s seminal role in ‘Terminator’, the human mind has latched on to the idea of sentient machinery. With robots being engrained in entertainment folklore, technological advancements have now meant that we’re seeing ideas come to life, making them more accessible to people in real-time. 

Entertainment Androids

Corporate entertainment is becoming a huge sector for robotics, with businesses becoming savvy to their allure as heavy footfall driver and traffic providers to trade stands and expos. Ideal for brands and businesses that want to cater to tech-savvy consumers, their blend of WOW-factor innovation and lack of mainstream accessibility makes them an ideal choice for ensuring you make the most from your time at your next tradeshow. With that in mind, here are some of our hottest picks for the tradeshow season!

Titan The Robot

Perhaps one of the most famous robots to grace the entertainment industry, the mighty Titan has celebrity status in his own right due to phenomenal engineering and the way he interacts with crowds. With previous appearances including alongside Rihanna, on Big Brother, Sky, Later With Jools Holland and many more, Titan is no stranger to high-profile appearances and is an ideal footfall driver for your next event.

Interactive Humanoid Robot

The quintessential event robot, our Interactive Humanoid Robot is an ideal choice for tradeshows and conferences. Able to interact with guests in real-time, it can also be branded with corporate logos or colours and can speak fluently with guests in English or German, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for multi-cultural entertainment that can be used in Europe and beyond. Fully interactive, our Humanoid Robot is also an ideal choice for talking to customers about products, giving speeches or even conducting interviews.

Shanghai Interactive Robot

Keeping on the theme of interactive robots, our Shanghai Interactive Robot is also an ideal choice for corporate events and tradeshows. With its wheeled structure making it easy for the robot to move around and interact with guests, it’s truly a spectacular entertainment option that has attendees interacting with our robot in real-time. It is also completely programmable to suit your event theme, making it ideal for providing custom performances. 

Robotic Drinks Server

Innovative, eye-catching and sure to drive footfall to your next trade stall our stunning Robotic Drinks Server combines cutting-edge technology and wow-factor to deliver a truly unique entertainment option that leaves guests and attendees talking about your event long after it’s over.
Guests can request a tipple of their choice and watch in awe as this dextrous interactive robot drinks server proceeds to move and rotate on its seven supple axis and smoothly pour their drink without spilling a drop.

Stunning Entertainment Options For Every Budget

 With a huge range of robotic entertainment options available, we have something to suit every budget. To see our entire roster of robot-themed entertainment, click here or alternatively, why not contact us to find out more?



__By Matt Parker

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