Planning a 1920s Themed Party in New York: Our Tips for a Prohibition Themed Party

Planning a 1920s Themed Party in New York: Our Tips for a Prohibition Themed Party

If you’re stuck for ideas for your holiday party in New York, why not host a 1920s themed entertainment speakeasy-style party? 
This iconic era is well-known for the decadence of the roaring twenties and can incorporate prohibition, flappers, gangsters and Great Gatsby themes. 
A fun and glamorous premise for a holiday party in New York, Christmas cocktail events, New Years Eve celebrations and corporate parties. Get ready for a wild evening of live jazz, lindy hop dancing, and Manhattans.

Set the Scene for your Prohibition Themed Party

The speakeasies of Manhattan legend were hidden behind toy stores, or entered through fake phone booths. Guests should have to search hard to find the party and feel they are part of an exclusive secret.To achieve this disguise the entrance, ask guests to use the side door, or create an air of mystery by only revealing your venue at the last minute. It’s all part of the fun!


Once inside the venue, your decor should exude glamour and decadence for a true Gatsby party. Many high-class establishments of the time offered food and entertainment including dancers that were considered too provocative and wild for ordinary dancehalls.


Recreate this glamorous and rebellious spirit with 1920s themed entertainment such as our 1920s Tap Sensations. Darlings of the Manhattan cabaret scene, our dancing sister duo will swing, shuffle, flap and tap their way into the hearts of your guests.


Planning a 1920s Themed Party in New York: Our Tips for a Prohibition Themed Party

Our shuffling tap duo make fabulous 1920s themed entertainment

Fill Your Holiday Party In New York with Authentic 1920s Sounds

The 1920s saw the height of New Orleans and Chicago styles of jazz, sandwiched between the Dixieland sound of the 1900s and the Swing era of the 1930s. Capturing each of these references and blending the genres together perfectly into one live band, our 1920s Brooklyn Jazz Band should be at the top of your list.


Composed of acoustic guitar and vocals, upright bass, homemade washboard percussion, trumpet and saxophone, their repertoire of witty songs from the 1920s, New Orleans and Dixieland is sure to get the the dance floor filled in no time.


Another fantastic option is this Hot 1920s Jazz Band who are accompanied by their very own tap dancer, bringing that authentic ‘hot jazz’ feel well and truly back to life!


Planning a 1920s Themed Party in New York: Our Tips for a Prohibition Themed Party

Live jazz is a must have for any 1920s themed party

Your Prohibition Themed Party’s Answer to a Modern DJ

If you have no need for a live band or want the revelry to carry on into the small hours with an after party our Gatsby party version of a DJ is perfect. Passionate about the golden age of jazz and original creators of the ‘Gramophone DJ’ concept, our Antique DJs provide a unique musical experience with two period disc phonographs playing 78’s circa 1900 - 1929!


Visually stunning for any Gatsby party or prohibition themed party, our Antique DJs bring sophisticated and culturally stimulating entertainment to your venue. A head-turning talking point at the time, these beautiful vintage machines are just as fascinating today, and offer an on-trend nod to the current vinyl revival.


Dial up the Gatsby Party Debauchery with a 1920s Themed Burlesque Act

The roaring twenties was all about pushing boundaries, pioneering performance styles and rebellion. At the time of prohibition, New York’s young and wild folk known as ‘flappers and dappers’, were looking for a good time where they could drink, smoke and dance the night away.


The concept of cabaret arrived from Paris, creating illicit clubs where poets, artists, composers and radicals could swap ideas and perform. The perfect excuse for an exciting, thrilling and slightly risque act, burlesque ticks all the right boxes. 


1920s Burlesque Performer brings glittering costumes, incredible vocals and sensual choreographies which combine to make a stage performance that will be the highlight of your prohibition themed event.


Planning a 1920s Themed Party in New York: Our Tips for a Prohibition Themed Party

Transport guests back in time to a speakeasy-style cabaret with 1920s themed entertainment

Ensure a Swinging Time with Interactive Dance Entertainment 

Also known as swing dancing, the Lindy Hop emerged in Manhattan’s Harlem in the 1920s and 30s as a style of dance that expressed the vibrancy and energy that the jazz music of the time inspired in its listeners.


Keep the tradition of this energetic dance alive with high-octane performances that will transport guests back to 1920s New York and have them itching to join in. 


Our Lindy Hop Dance Group’s interactive shows can incorporate a beginners’ lesson for guests. Best coupled with one of our many amazing vintage and 1920s themed jazz bands, these dancers will add an authentic taste of 1920s Manhattan to your event and ensure that your guests have a swinging time.


Equally as splendid for speakeasy-style clubs, grand hotel venues and elegant Gatsby lawn parties, you can’t beat interactive dance entertainment. 


Planning a 1920s Themed Party in New York: Our Tips for a Prohibition Themed Party

Recreate a glittering Gatsby party with interactive dance entertainment

Throwing a 1920s Themed Party

Decadence, rebellion and glamour - what better themes could you ask for for your holiday party in New York? Paint the town red with our 1920s themed entertainment options for a glittering Gatsby party or secretive prohibition themed party. 


Scarlett Entertainment offers a whole host of 1920s themed entertainment for events in Manhattan, New York and across the US. From jazz bands, dance groups, event decor, stage shows, cabaret acts, and more, discover our 1920s themed party acts for more inspiration. 


Filled with entertainment ideas you’d like to make a reality? Speak with our team of Entertainment Experts who are here to bring your imagination to life. 

__By Freya Britton

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