Our Top 10 Acts: UAE

At Scarlett Entertainment, we have spent the last 10 years growing a roster of exciting entertainers all over the world and focusing on building relationships and a reputation in key locations. One of those key locations is the Middle East. From repeat bookings at the Dubai shopping festival to sending out exciting acts from around the world to eventually opening our own office in Dubai, we have also built a vast roster of incredible local talent. 

Known for its international appeal, whilst adhering to local traditions, the UAE offers a fantastically diverse choice of acts and performance options that range for the most traditional right through to pioneering cutting edge technology. Several of our Account Managers who work regularly on events in the UAE, and on-site expert Kim Venable, have chosen an eclectic selection of entertainment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which perfectly reflect the demands of our clients and showcase some of the best entertainment in the UAE.  The result is our top 10 acts in the UAE.  



This innovative artist is at the forefront of innovative and high-tech live art entertainment. The artist creates astonishing 3D environments using the latest virtual reality technology and immerses the guests in a completely unique experience. Spectators are able to see the virtual art emerge on large screens and the VR painter even has options for guests to try out the headsets and experience a fascinating 3D work of art created entirely by her. 


Her talents have resulted in being highly sought after for corporate entertainment in Dubai as she is able to bring the client’s visions to life and incorporate custom visuals and logos as well as tell any story the client wishes for. 

2.Titan The Robot


Our Top 10 Acts: UAE


As one of the most admired robots in the entertainment industry around the world and with a secondary based in Dubai, Titan had to be on our top 10 acts in the UAE. The highly engaging walkabout robot is a comical character who specialises in interacting with audiences and causing a bit of a reaction in a crowd. Because of this, Titan is very popular for trade shows and public events. 

Titan has provided entertainment in the UAE for the Ferrari world and the Abu Dhabi F1, City Centre Mirdif, Dubai and much more. 


3. Dubai Magician


Our Top 10 Acts: UAE

This young and stylish magician is a real charmer who will befriend your guests before totally blowing them away with one of his tricks. His cheeky humour and confident nature make him a very talented magician who is just as comfortable on the stage as he is providing close-up magic. 


The magician is very popular for weddings in the Middle East and his experience with some of the world’s biggest brands make him a popular candidate for corporate entertainment in Dubai.


4. LED Tron Dancers Dubai 



These exciting LED dancers bring a futuristic element to any occasion. With state of the art suits filled with hundreds of colour-changing LED lights, they can be fully programmed to synchronise with both the music and the dance choreographies. 


Their energetic routines bring a visually captivating element to any event, guaranteing to grip the audeinces attention and drive all eyes towards the stage. 


5. Selfie Mosaic Dubai 


Our Top 10 Acts: UAE


These interactive photo art installations use the guests’ selfies to create one giant piece of art. Each guest sticks their specially colour-graded selfie to an allocated place on the mosaic wall and slowly, throughout the event, the final piece is revealed. 

The grand-scale image is predetermined by the client and can be anything they choose, be it the wedding couple, famous Dubai landmark, a product or logo. 


6. UAE Shadow Show


Our Top 10 Acts: UAE

These high-end shadow shows are a brilliant choice of entertainment in the UAE. The skilled performers create animated storylines by using the silhouettes of their bodies to make shapes of objects, buildings, people and animals. 

Their main performance is called The History of the UAE and takes the audiences on a historic journey through the United Arab Emirates showcasing the traditional pearl diving, fishing, cooking and crafts along with cultural entertainment featuring traditional Arabic folk and Khaleeji-style dancing. It progresses right up to the modern day, recreating iconic mosques, buildings and skylines of Dubai including the renowned Burj Al Arab.  


7. Violin Show Dubai



This prolific musician is involved in many musical projects in Dubai and has experience performing at some of the most luxurious weddings, high-end corporate events, boat parties and most renowned establishments in Dubai. She has been a freelance violinist in Dubai for over 15 years playing both acoustic and electric violin for just about every type of event you can think of.

She is the perfect package with model good looks, incredible fashion style and an immense repertoire that spans from classical to modern pop with everything in between.


8. Interactive 360 Walk-in Booth

Our Top 10 Acts: UAE


As a first of its kind for entertainment in the UAE, this incredibly innovative concept allows guests to be transported to any location, whether real or not, from inside a fully enclosed booth. fully surrounding 360 visuals are projected onto the walls of the booth and can be changed by the user.


Its compact design allows it to be set up indoors at almost any location and visuals are fully tailorable to the client’s choice making it great for event experiences, corporate clients, travel and tourism simulations and much more. The hotel industry can use this at conventions to exhibit rooms, and other hotel amenities such as the pool, restaurant, ballroom and more. 


Our Top 10 Acts: UAE


This sand artist has been performing in the UAE for over 15 years and creating exciting live sand animations for some of the country and world’s biggest corporate businesses and brands. 

His work beautifully showcases the power of using sand animation for telling stories, communicating messages and revealing products or company logos. His live performances are accompanied by music and projected on large screens creating a mesmerising viewing experience for the guests.


10. Epic Fairytale Parade



We couldn't possibly have the top 10 acts in the UAE without including one of our own productions, let alone missing off the incredible Epic Fairytale Parade which is one of Kim Venable's first wonderful creations for Scarlett Entertainment. 

This is an action-packed all-star cast parade with iconic characters from Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast and many more fantasy and fairytale characters. Performances are fully tailorable and can be tailored toward circus performance or meet and greet. 




If you enjoyed reading about our Top 10 acts in the UAE, you might also want to find out more about the other exciting acts we have on our roster, event ideas and other forms of corporate entertainment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

__By Tom Drakett

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