Office Trick or Treat: 5 Halloween Employee Engagement Ideas

Office Trick or Treat: 5 Halloween Employee Engagement Ideas

Learn How to Celebrate Halloween at Work!

We can all spend many hours of our week in the office, making it almost inevitable that your co-workers start to feel like an extended family. Given this situation, why not celebrate this fun and spooky festivity in the office with them? October 31st can be the perfect occasion to reward your employees with some fun activities that, at the same time, generate content for social media and can communicate your business’ values and corporate image.

If you’re organising something for Halloween in the office this year and you’re looking for inspiration, you're in the right place. Get comfy and take note of our spooktacular Halloween entertainment ideas!


Celebrate Halloween at Work


In order to celebrate Halloween at work properly, it’s important to motivate and encourage employees to participate in all the different activities you organise. Costume contests or trick and treat with children are some of the activities that will never go out of date for this occasion. They’re easy to organise and they’re free so, to start with, make sure you invite everybody to dress up and bring their kids to work.
Halloween in the office can get more interesting though. The more unique the idea the more shareable  it is, through word of mouth and online. This is precisely what we’re about to help you achieve with our top Halloween office entertainment ideas.


1. Zombie co-workers for a day


Zombies are, without a doubt, one of the most popular scary characters. They can emerge from their graves to visit your office and mix and mingle with your workmates. You can check how our flash mob dancers provided a fun morning of scares at the Co-Op office building in Manchester and ended the day with an amazing Thriller choreography that was perfect for sharing on social media.



2. Walkabout characters for all tastes

Office Trick or Treat: 5 Halloween Employee Engagement Ideas

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a different day at the office. If your employees are easily frightened, you might want to opt for a more friendly and less scary act. These Walkabout Mummy Entertainers offer a fantastic alternative as their hilarious and unique act. With the exaggerated behaviour of stereotypical mothers, they provide full of advice and well-meaning comments and police their audience to ensure everybody looks, behaves, and dresses properly in public.



3. Immersive horror experiences that send a shiver down the spine

Office Trick or Treat: 5 Halloween Employee Engagement Ideas

If, on the contrary, you think your employees might enjoy a day of Halloween pranks, then these Immersive Horror Experiences and Halloween Characters are the perfect choices to celebrate Halloween at work! Creating fully immersive horror scenarios that guarantee to give your colleagues the creeps, these Halloween creatures will invade your office and add a little animation by creating engagements with your employees. After the initial panic, everyone will queue up for photos!



4. Make sure you immortalise this spooktacular day

Office Trick or Treat: 5 Halloween Employee Engagement Ideas

The final touch that is guaranteed to produce howls of laughter is a photo session. These theatrical photo sets will make this a truly terrifying experience as they’re customisable to match any theme, including Halloween of course! The above is only an example of the many backgrounds that can be created. They can be set up in any corner of your office and your employees can take turns to join the fun and become zombies or any other spooky character for a day – and for a picture!



5. Pumpkin competition judged by a specialist

A pumpkin-carving contest is a hands-on and crafty way to celebrate Halloween at work. They encourage creativity and trigger people’s motivation. This healthy competition can be impartially judged by a Halloween pumpkin sculptor, who will not only choose the best-carved pumpkin, but that will also share some of her most stunning creations. The perfect event décor for this occasion, she also offers live carving at events and workshops for those who would like to improve their skills for future contests!


At Scarlett Entertainment we lead by example, as we would never suggest anything we wouldn’t do! Check a visually summary of our last Halloween pumpkin competition above and take some ideas for your own unique design!


Additional Halloween Engagement Ideas


Some of the above ideas can be complemented with other services and entertainment options. For example, a face painting artist can come up with fantastic makeup ideas for the photo session, and some stunning candy girls can roam around your office offering your employees some sweet treats! 


Scary Sharing!


If any of the above-mentioned ideas got your attention and you’d like to share them with your co-workers and friends, please share it with your followers on social media. Don’t forget to mention us and let us know if you do some fun stuff in your office this year - we would love to see what you get up to.


Need more inspiration?


If you still need further inspiration for a Halloween party or occasion, then check some additional posts about it. You won’t be disappointed by our Top 10 Freaky Halloween Ideas, just check the article and find it our for yourself!


Book any of the above Halloween themed entertainment


Any of the above Halloween Themed Entertainment options is available for booking! Does it sound like something your employees would enjoy? Then contact us and ask for more details.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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