Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

Retro party ideas to flashback to another decade!


The power of nostalgia has become more acute in recent years. Why do we incorporate this state of mind into events and event marketing? Memories, a smell, a song, a photo...anything can transport us to a special time and place. Evoking the past at events is an ongoing trend - after all, the past is a place where we’ve all been before. 

We’re dizzily reaching the end of another decade and that makes one wonder what will people of the future think of the ten years we’re leaving behind. Have you ever wonder how will a 2010s theme party look like? In the meantime, all we can do is guess what TV, pop and fashion icons will mark this decennium and focus on the ones that have marked previous decades. 


Throwback Party Ideas for 60s and 70s Themed Parties


The Groundbreaking and Swinging 60s


One of the most iconic decades of the 20th century, the 60s were marked by the Vietnam War, Civil Rights protests and the hippie movement. For better or for worse, all these happenings involved changes in the music people listened to, the way they dressed or their outlook on life. 

With a highly authentic look true to the swinging 60s, the below Go-Go Dancers transport audiences back in time to this glorious era. Iconic make-up looks and accessories add to the 60s theme entertainment and offer a fantastic photo opportunity as they happily dance, pose and interact with guests. 

Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: 1960s Go Go Dancers


Television became a cultural force in the 60s. Until the late 60s, TV was entirely in black and white and the TV sets widely seen in the household were very similar to the below roaming characters’ heads. You can bring a truly nostalgic vibe to your 60s themed party with these roaming retro TV heads, roaming characters that dance, interact and pose for photos with your guests. 


When it comes to music, anything from the Beatles to the Beach Boys tribute bands could be the perfect addition to your party. However, one of the best ways to summarise this whole decade is a tribute to various iconic artists at a time. For that, the below Motown singers are the go-to option. Performing songs by The Supremes, Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson, their repertoire can include all of your personal favourites. 


Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: Retro TV Heads and Motown Divas 


The 60s and 70s are decades that often overlap. Sharing cultural elements such as Motown, you can often book the same entertainers for both 60s and 70s throwback parties. The below stilt walkers are also a good example of their shared cultural aspects. 


Both hippie and 1970s stilt walkers wear colourful costumes, amazing props and picturesque wigs. The first are inspired by the hippie movement and widely known peace and love message, whilst the second took inspiration from the flashy fashion style and outrageous hair and glasses from the 70s. Whatever you opt for, they are guaranteed to fill your party with authentic hippie and disco vibes. 


Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: Hippie Stilt Walkers and 1970s Stilt Characters



The Groovy and Glittering 70s


A tumultuous time where marginalised groups fought for equality, students protests were all over the place and the digital revolution began, the 70s were a fearless decade. 


The 70s inherited various cultural elements from its predecessor. This decade is well-known for the birth of disco and funk music, which bring sparkly clothing and afro hairstyles into the spotlight. 


You can bring the spirit of the 70s to your party with the below disco show, a group of dancers who combine retro looks and choreography with modern hip hop dance. To complement their performance, roaming disco heads can give your event a genuine 70s vintage vibe. 


Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: Disco Show and Disco Heads Vintage Roaming Act


Music can be as varied as you wish. Culturally rich, the 70s left behind a great group of musicians and bands that are now icons of the 20th century. From David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix to Queen and Abba, make sure you book a tribute or cover band with a repertoire that includes the greatest hits of these and other popular artists of the 70s. 


If you’re opting for something truly iconic and flamboyant, the below Glam Rock Duo is a tribute band playing hits from the golden era of glam rock (1970s classics from T-Rex, David Bowie, Slade and many more). Looking for something a bit more sophisticated? The below Frankie Tribute is a fast-paced, energetic tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, the epitome of great live entertainment from the 70s. 


Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: Frankie Tribute and Glam Rock Duo


Retro party ideas for 80s and 90s throwback parties


The Fearless and Colourful 80s


Are you ready for some 80s nostalgia? If you’re organising a party and the 80s is your chosen decade, then the below musicians should definitely be on your list of entertainment options. 


People who were into pop music in the 80s wouldn’t miss a party with tribute bands performing at it. Bringing you back to the colourful and synthesised 80s, those who lived and loved it will be back to their youth and will provide the new generations with a glimpse into the fun and fantastic timeless music of this decade!


Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: Cindy Lauper Impersonator and 1980s Party Band


80s fashion was marked by shoulder pads, big, fluffy, frizzy and unruly hair and crazy neon workout clothes. If you’re really looking to bring an authentic 80s feel to your party, walkabout comedy characters that represent the spirit of those years are a must! They not only add an interactive element to your celebration, but will also make your guests fill their social media with fun photos. 


If you did not live in the 80s but you’ve watched TV shows such as Stranger Things, you might know that arcade games were a big thing back in those years. We can guarantee you there is anything an 80s child will love more than a genuine arcade game experience. An interactive and nostalgic activity that can bring different generations together, don’t forget the right dose of video game entertainment for your 80s themed party!


Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: Portable Video Game Arcade and 1980s Aerobic Walkabout 



The Energetic and Grungy 90s


Transitioning from bright-colored clothing and candy floss hairstyles to crop tops, platform shoes and scrunchies, you can transform your next event into an authentic 1990s themed party with tribute bands to some of the most iconic artists of the 90s: the Spice Girls, TLC, pop princess Britney Spears or grunge groups such as Nirvana or Pearl Jam. 


Nostalgia Parties: Throwback Party Ideas To Take your Guests Back in Time

In the photo: Spice Girls Tribute Band and Britney Spears Impersonator 


Not sure which one to go for? Then a 90s tribute band such as the one you can see below could be the perfect choice for your party. Colourfully dressed, 90s music performers make everybody dance to the rhythm of club classic songs such as ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ by Corona, ‘Better Off Alone’ by Alice DJ or ‘Pump Up the Jam’ by Technotronic. Could there be anything more 90s?



In the video: 1990s Tribute Band


Explore Further Throwback Party Ideas for Nostalgia Parties


Undoubtedly, the things that were fashionable during our youth will have a lifelong influence over our personal preferences. Nostalgia parties are a great way of treating your guests by giving them the chance to relive their past or give new generations the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a different era. 


If you’re throwing a nostalgia party and would like to explore further retro party ideas, we’d love to help you! Give us a call or email us, pick a decade and let us find the right entertainment option for you. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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