How Tribute Acts Can Pull In The Crowds

How Tribute Acts Can Pull In The Crowds

Hotels and other venues looking to generate extra income through improved food and drinks sales are increasingly putting on ticketed events to pull in the crowds. A hugely popular choice for evening entertainment is tribute acts. Whether you want an evening dedicated to the music of Lady Gaga, George Michael or Frank Sinatra, Scarlett Entertainment is the premier entertainment agency for tribute acts.


What to consider when booking an act

Booking a tribute act can be a big ticket seller if you are a venue looking to put on an evening of entertainment. But like any event, you have to get the entertainment right for the evening to be a success and to ensure that your guests return. There are plenty of simple tips to consider when planning an event to ensure it goes smoothly and is a sellout.

The most obvious factor is, of course, the type of clientele you want to cater for. This will determine the sort of act you want. Age, gender and ticket price need to be considered to help you decide on the sort of tribute act you want. If you want your event to pull in a variety of ages and tastes, a themed tribute evening has wider appeal.

A tribute act doesn’t have to pay homage to a band or singer, many other types of acts and performances fall under the term ‘tribute’. It could be an act which pays tribute to well-known blues music or a night dedicated to top musical tunes.


Popular Tribute Acts

Tribute acts usually see an increase in demand following an event or comeback. For example, the death of pop icon Michael Jackson back in 2009 sparked a rise in bookings for tribute acts dedicated to his music. The same can be said when a new album is released or following a televised performance, as in the recent surge in popularity of Adele. These are things to consider when booking a tribute act. A group or performer can also experience an increase in popularity following the announcement of a tour and that increases demand for these types of tribute acts.

Rebecca Marks, Events Director at Scarlett Entertainment, said: “Tribute acts can be a big pull for hotels and other venues because it is a far cheaper option for fans to enjoy an evening of their favourite artist’s music. Scarlett Entertainment has seen an increase in enquiries for tribute acts in the last year, particularly from hotels looking to increase non-resident revenue through ticketed events. Some of our most popular tribute acts at the moment include a Parisian Theme Night, ABBA, Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga, The Blues Brothers and Grease Party Nights."

But, according to Miss Marks: “The 3 most popular tribute acts of the moment are Michael Jackson, Michael Bublé and of course, Take That!”


What the tribute acts have to say

Benjamin Jenkins performs a Michael Bublé Tribute act. He believes that his act is popular because Big Band and Swing music appeals to a huge variety of people of all ages. He says: “For years there have been Sinatra and Rat Pack tributes but Michael Bublé has brought a contemporary feel to this kind of music. The tribute evenings are popular as it’s the kind of music where you can enjoy a meal and a drink while listening to ballads but also the contemporary songs from Bublé means there is a chance to dance at the end of the night.”

Benjamin explains that he thoroughly enjoys performing Bublé evenings as he has been a swing/jazz fan from an early age and has been heavily influenced by big names like Sinatra and Bobby Darin. He says that when he performs; “The response is always superb, since doing the Bublé tribute I have had so many photos taken and been asked for autographs. In fact, I think some women actually think that I am him! I have even had knickers thrown at me at two gigs in Yorkshire!”

Meanwhile, Jamie Reeves performs in a Take That tribute. He says that his act is big right now; “because Take That are one of the biggest selling artists around at the moment so the fact that they are already popular makes it an easy choice for venues as a tribute. People are crazy about the guys already. It helps that their music is pretty much timeless and appeals to all age groups too. The other good thing for venues is that ladies love these guys and they love a girly night out, combine the two and you are on to a sellout.”

Jamie says that performing as a Take That tribute is always mayhem. He says; “Even when you tell the crowd that you are not the real thing they still go crazy. That is why it’s such an honour to perform as these guys. They have already done the hard work for you and all I have to do is turn up and enjoy the brilliant response!!”

During his time performing as a tribute, Jamie has entertained the likes of Charlotte Church and Dannii Minogue. The singer says there is a story to tell about every gig, including when he was hoisted on to the shoulders of 12 army personnel during a United Nations event in Nicosia, Cyprus.

One of the biggest names in music is also one of the most popular tribute acts, particularly since his death. Michael Jackson is a popular choice for tribute evenings and Robin performs as the pop legend. Robin has performed all over the world as a Michael Jackson tribute, he even sang in front of the legend himself at the star’s 45th birthday celebrations.

The experienced singer says he performs as the star because of the artist’s wide appeal. Robin says; “His songs have been at the height of popularity for more than 40 years. People in their 60′s and 70′s right up to children as young as two or three years old are fans of his work. So when people book an MJ tribute night, they know that it’s going to appeal to a wide age range and a huge fan base. People love his music – he’s created some of the greatest songs, videos and unique live performances of all time and audiences truly look forward to seeing our recreation of these moments.”

To find out about other tribute acts visit our website.

__By Beki Polding

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