How to Host a Baby Shower like a Royal

How to Host a Baby Shower like a Royal

A day every soon-to-be a mum will remember. From small family gatherings to fancy events, it seems that baby showers have gained popularity in the last few years. Planning a baby shower that will exceed the guests’ expectations can be challenging but is by no means impossible with the right entertainment!

Inspired by the imminent arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first child, we were curious to explore how to host a baby shower like a royal! A royal-themed baby shower is a perfect choice if you want to experience the royal extravaganza in an elegant atmosphere. In our guide to hosting a royal baby shower, we cover everything from delicious food to spectacular shows to make sure everyone leaves with lasting memories of a baby shower fit for a future king or queen!


Adding a Luxurious Touch with the Decor

The first thing to consider when organising a baby shower is choosing the right venue. It’s important to take into account the weather and the number of guests when deciding between an indoor or an outdoor party. Regardless of the location, the right decoration will take your party to another level. Who doesn’t like flowers? Using fresh seasonal flowers as decor is a good idea to give your venue elegant and vintage vibes inspired by the British royal family. Luxurious floral arrangements are the perfect way to brighten up your party. 


If you want to transform your event into an extravagant scene, then balloon decorations are for you. A big advantage of balloons is that they can be adapted to any colour scheme. Whether choosing the venue or the decor never forget to keep in mind the personality of the mum-to-be.


How to Host a Baby Shower like a Royal

Opting for flower and balloon decor will make your royal baby shower theme complete


From Traditional Catering to an Elegant Tea Party

There's no royal party without exquisite food. Why don’t you treat your guests and the mum-to-be with a traditional and delicious afternoon tea party?! The colourful miniature cakes and freshly baked pastries are not only mouthwatering but also delightful to look at. These delicate treats will satisfy every sweet tooth and will be the icing on the cake at your royal-themed baby shower.


How to Host a Baby Shower like a Royal

Cakes that are not just sweet but also represent traditions


Live Music that will Immerse You in Classical Melodies

Live music is a must if you want to create the perfect atmosphere. Acoustic strings will immediately lift an average party to an elegant event and the best part is that the genre is up to you as they can cover everything from classical to modern pop. If you want something outstanding, top off your royal party with a gospel choir just like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did at their royal wedding.



Create an Enchanting Experience with Dreamlike Shows

Entertainment plays a key role in making your baby shower memorable. A good performance is eye-catching but it also has to fit into the theme of a luxury baby shower. You can never go wrong with ballet, right? It’s classic, elegant and breathtaking, especially if it’s performed in the air like the Flying Swan Aerial Show. If you’re looking for something more glamorous the Vintage Illusions Show will captivate every guest with a sophisticated and theatrical performance. This vintage themed magic show will wow both children and adults with dreamlike sorcery.


How to Host a Baby Shower like a Royal

Performers wearing delicate tutus and feathers will attract guests’ attention


Get Creative with Your Guests

The concept of doing arts and crafts on a baby shower might sound innovative but it’s definitely a good way of keeping your guests entertained throughout the whole party. With these DIY activities, you can create memorable gifts for a newborn that parents can treasure forever. Making bunting decoration will add a British touch to your creative workshop. If you’re a fashion fanatic the next one is for you. To go with the royal theme a professional Paper Hat Artist can design and create the perfect fit for every guests’ outfit in only five minutes.


How to Host a Baby Shower like a Royal

Interact with your guests with a creative workshop


The Royal WOW Factor

If you want the ultimate royal entertainment you can’t miss out on a mix and mingle experience with the Queens Guards Stilt Walkers. Get the cameras out and take some photos with a Princess Charlotte Lookalike; guaranteed to turn heads and have every guest double-taking as they question if our impersonator is the real Princess! Finally, the Britannia Ballerinas who boast patriotic British themed entertainment at its finest will add a touch of elegant tradition.



How to Host a Baby Shower like a Royal

Everyone can get a taste of Britain with these acts


Find Out More

By following our guide you can easily organise an outstanding yet elegant royal baby shower which will become the dream of every mum-to-be. With these ideas you can make sure that everyone has a good time. Now let the planning begin so that on the day of the baby shower you can lay back and enjoy the party like royalty!


Get more inspiration by browsing our roster or get in touch with our team to help you find the perfect entertainment for your royal baby shower!


__By Freya Britton

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