How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone

How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone

With an international calendar packed full of exciting sporting events ahead of us, we take a look at the best fan zone entertainment and how to give supporters unforgettable fan zone experiences.

Creating an engaging customer experience has become a hot topic for events in recent years, and sporting events are no exception. Today, fans and supporters are looking for a whole ‘sporting experience’ with their match ticket.

While many sports grounds have offered some kind of entertainment before and after matches for years, venues and stadiums now have to dream up even more exciting, unique and sophisticated fan zone entertainment to draw in the crowds.

A sports fan’s need for immersive, wow-factor entertainment gives brands, venues, stadiums and teams a fantastic opportunity to think bigger and better when it comes to entertaining their team’s supporters.

Families are a huge part of this customer base and with kids the sports fans of the future, fan engagement for little ones more important than ever!


Create fan zone experiences that encourage families to play together


Making the most of leisure time is incredibly important to families with today’s hectic schedules. Parents and children alike are looking to play, let loose and enjoy each other's company, and a day out enjoying a match is a fantastic chance to play.


Offering a thrilling and unique challenge, one-off experiences such as this Mega Inflatable Assault Course delivers an exhilarating fan engagement challenge for both adults and children.


Guaranteed to build infectious energy for the whole family, this crazy and colourful assault course is the biggest in the world and offers hundreds of meters of pure nostalgic joy!


How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone


Engage kids at a fan zone with high-tech appeal


Today’s kids are more tech-savvy than their parents most of the time, so interactive digital entertainment is a must for engaging kids at a fan zone.


Our user-friendly football walls offer exciting innovative tech and offer a digital makeover for the humble football wall with high tech appeal.


With individual blocks lighting up to indicate which panel or field the player should strike and robotic voices shouting out feedback make this an LED sports game that strengthens skills in accuracy; a must for entertaining sports-mad supporters!


Perfect for creating addictive fan zone entertainment, both children and adults will become immersed in the challenge of beating the wall while spectators cheer on from the sidelines.


How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone


Build an exciting and elite sporting academy for kids


Why not combine sporting entertainment with real life coaches, nutritionists, and experts? Building a bespoke and unique itinerary will build buzz and anticipation ahead of match-day with programs that include special appearances, individual coaching, technique critique, personalised nutrition, kit fittings and more.


Kids will be elated to meet some of their heroes and behind the scenes experts, while parents can be safe in the knowledge that brands are proactively teaching children life skills and healthy habits for the future.


Combine fun activities such as smoothie bikes, wellness treatments, sporting VR simulation and test-driving wearable tech with personalised training sessions, inspirational demonstrations and one-on-one advice from people in the know. Fly a heli-drone with your mind or get to hear from Paralympic athlete, Ellie Simmonds, who was the youngest person to be awarded an MBE at the age of 14.


Speak to us about the celebrities, experts, thought-leaders and trend-setters we can provide. 


How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone


Create an immersive and sensory fan zone entertainment environment


Make use of different environments to create an exciting and sensory atmosphere that’s easy to change up and update from season to season to build a reputation for fresh fan zone experiences.


These immersive domes with custom video mapping quickly create individual zones, VIP areas, and stunning surroundings for housing a whole host of activities, launches, events and more.


Perfect for tailoring to different themes, the video projection domes offer a fantastic solution for high-impact branding and theming, especially when combined with roaming characters, branded pop-ups, interactive displays, and innovative food and drink stalls.


Create an exciting leisure and fan destination for out of season months with touring exhibitions, special events, product launches and more! With different colours, photos, images and brand logos zooming across the giant dome, our interactive environment delivers a bespoke immersive experience.


Not just for sporting purposes, these domes can create spaces for additional events. Our magical animatronic Walkabout Snow Lion recently inspired children by attending a pre-match event at Huddersfield Town’s football game for World Book Day. 


How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone


Supersize sports games for thrilling fan engagement


Taking inspiration from arcade games and table sports games, supersized versions of these familiar concepts take fun to the next level when it comes to entertaining team supporters.


This Human Claw Machine lowers fans into a giant box to navigate through a maze of foam bricks in order to win a prize.


Sports fans will love being winched up high into the air before diving into a sea of foam bricks and frantically searching for the best prizes they can get their hands on as supporters cheer on through the transparent viewing window.


Offering fantastic opportunities to brand the foam bricks, harness, and the box itself, the Human Claw Machine is a thrilling and hilarious fan engagement option that will draw crowds of team supporters looking to bag a top prize.


Why not turn your fans into human versions of tabletop games? With a human soccer table, players are strapped to a bar or bungee rope to restrict their movements just like on a table! Moving as one, players must work together in teams to achieve excellence – a fantastic way of demonstrating the importance of teamwork in sport. 


How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone


Inspire sports fans with jaw-dropping stunts


Fantastic for building excitement and hype in a crowd before a big game, extreme sports displays amaze spectators of any age but are particularly astounding for kids.


Skateboarding and flatland BMX shows are an ideal option as riders can perform on any surface, and tailor their act to the space available, great for entertaining team supporters in any venue.


From an intimate urban sport showcase style performance all the way up to full-size spectacle with pro riders and raised stage, shows such as this customisable Diverse BMX Show offer novel fan zone experiences.


Often introducing this urban sport to new audiences, a dynamic compère will help people understand and appreciate the jaw-dropping stunts. Whipping up their crowd with engaging commentary and exciting facts, a BMX compère will engage with the audience, high-five spectators and throw prizes into the crowd. Guaranteed to get the atmosphere pumping for thrilling fan zone entertainment!


How to Engage Kids at a Fan Zone


For more fan engagement inspiration and help with ideas for entertaining team supporters, check out our recent brand activation at Harrods with Football Star David Luiz.



Making the fan experience unforgettable


Our team of global entertainment specialists have worked with numerous clients to transform iconic venues into immersive environments with walkabout entertainment, stunning event decor and superb stage shows. We have dedicated Entertainment Account Management teams on the ground in the UK, US, Dubai, Singapore and Italy, so no matter where you are in the world we can assure that we can help make your fan zone experience one to remember.


Contact us for more ideas!


If you want to find out more about immersive fan zone experiences or for more advice about entertaining team supporters at global events, contact our in-house team of Entertainment Specialists.

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