How Brands Use Entertainment to Promote their Products at Festivals

How Brands Use Entertainment to Promote their Products at Festivals

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicked off the festival season last month and set the bar high for the spring and summer events this year. With dozens of exciting festivals in the calendar for the forthcoming months, Coachella was just a small foretaste of what festival-goers can expect from other big happenings such as Governors Ball (New York, May 31 - June 2), Tomorrowland (Belgium, July 19-28) and the magnificent Glastonbury (June 26-30), among others.

Always excited and expectant about brand activations at festivals, we can’t wait to see what this festival season carries with it. In the meantime, are you ready for some extraordinary and exclusive festival marketing ideas of our own? Don’t miss how brands use entertainment to promote their product at festivals and check out our suggestions!

Brand Activations at Festivals: Promote your Brand with Entertainment!


A Taste of Your Food or Drink Brand 

Festivals are a fantastic opportunity for food and drink brands to promote their products. Many trust what we call ‘traditional’ entertainment options such as stilt walkers and walkabout characters such as Ice Fauns or the Chocolate Wanderers because their unique looks are in line with the brand’s aesthetics. Eye-catchy and interactive, they can carry branded banners with them, hand out samples of products, pose for photos, etc.


Aware of the importance of allowing potential customers to try products before they make a purchase, some brands opt for treating festival-goers with an aperitif or a drink. A nitrogen ice cream machine can be the perfect way to provide them with an extraordinary and chic cocktail and dessert experience using your own products or ingredients.


How Brands Use Entertainment to Promote their Products at Festivals


Interactive Activities and VR Experiences

Experiences are no longer a choice for brands and event organisers, they’re a must. When it comes to festivals, there are three concepts to keep in mind: immersion, interaction, technology. These Immersive Virtual Reality Domes meet these three rules.Truly stunning pop up event spaces create immersive and engaging virtual reality environments in which people are transported to another world. 


VR games are also very popular festival marketing ideas. Fun and engaging, they offer many different brandable features and customisable graphics for brands to promote themselves. 


How Brands Use Entertainment to Promote their Products at Festivals


Technology That Transform Spaces 

Looking for something truly breath-taking? Then these glowing LED wristbands are what your festival needs! Facilitating crowds’ interaction and creating a stunning visual spectacle at the same time, these sophisticated accessories can be programmed to produce dazzling visual effects. 


Equipped with RFID tags that makes social media sharing easier, these colour-changing wristbands can be branded with logos and multiple flash patterns. Lighting up the crowd like never before, these glowing bracelets can be activated in different groups, which makes the creation of bespoke visual effects such as waving flags possible. Any other ideas in mind? 
The possibilities are endless!


How Brands Use Entertainment to Promote their Products at Festivals


Festival-goers Passion for Fashion

Are you a fashion, beauty, hair or cosmetics brand? Then music festival marketing should be incorporated into your strategy this year! With the influencer culture in full swing, creating Instagram-worthy moments at festivals is vital, and there’s no better way to do it than treating festival-goers with beauty treatments. 


Services like the ones delivered by this nail print artist make people line up to get fully bespoke and quirky nail designs that can include any prints or logos. For those opting for hair and make-up, this pop up hair and beauty bar is the go-to option. Make-up artists and hair stylists can use your new straighteners, shampoo or eyeshadow to give people the hottest hair and make-up looks that are in season!


How Brands Use Entertainment to Promote their Products at Festivals


Unique Ways to Enjoy Music

Technology brands looking to promote their new headphones, microphones or any other AV equipment can also find their space and role in festivals. Being music the main focus of attention for the majority, there is no better opportunity for technology giants to introduce their new products to the general public. 


Many partner up with services such as these LED silent disco headsets, an original and unique alternative to DJs. Experiencing an upswing in popularity, silent disco equipment can be the perfect way to promote new headphones, to give a practical example. 


Famous DJs can also become brand ambassadors, especially if their style and performances go hand in hand with your brand’s values, image or message. In that respect, Kokab could be the perfect choice. A specialist in reactable music, his unique shows makes him the ideal choice for brands whose values are originality and distinctiveness. 


How Brands Use Entertainment to Promote their Products at Festivals


Aware of the scope of festivals among millenials and different generations, sponsors and other big brands have been investing in music festival marketing in recent years. The outcome has been spectacular: from immersive virtual reality activities to imposing art installations, brand activations at festivals have transformed these events in truly unique experiences!


Further Festival Marketing Ideas 

If any of the above marketing ideas for festivals caught your eye, then get in touch and let’s have a chat about how Scarlett Entertainment can help you transform what you have in mind into reality. 


If you’re interested in experiential marketing, read our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns article and explore further ideas in our Ideas Blog


__By Juliana Rodriguez

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