Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties

Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties

Villains are the new VIP guests at superhero parties!

If we’ve learned anything from Hollywood in recent years, it’s the fact that superheroes are not the only comic book characters that make blockbuster films. Back in the 70s, the Star Wars trilogy proved the hero did not necessarily have to be the star of the movie. In 2008, Heath Ledger’s towering performance in the Dark Knight corroborated it. More recently, the Joker and Maleficent have become two great examples of how villains are now taking over the main role in motion pictures. 

Worshipped by millions, comic book characters are more popular than ever, which consequently make heroes and villains parties a steady entertainment trend. Especially popular for Halloween party themes, Superhero parties are the go-to theme for any sort of event these days, and be aware: villains are now VIP guests! 


Heroes and Villains Parties: When Good Meets Evil

Ready to explore some of the most in-demand superhero party ideas? Below you can find a few of the most popular characters for heroes and villains parties. 


Space Princess and Space Villain

Named by many as the best villain in history, the famous space dark lord is the most sinister character you could feature at your galaxy theme event. Accompanied by his inseparable space troopers, this Space Villain can also show up at your event with one of his arch-enemies, who happens to be his daughter. Probably one of the most sought-after father-daughter combo in entertainment, this duo is guaranteed to take your superhero party to new galaxies!

Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties


Comic Book Superhero and LED Kryptonite Ladies


There is no comic book character in history that is more recognisable, all over the world, than the iconic red-caped superhero. We have known many of his enemies throughout the years, but if there’s something he hasn’t been able to defeat yet that we know of, that is kryptonite. Booking our Comic Book Superhero alongside these Kryptonite Ladies is the best way to bring the famous action comic idol to life and create a truly visual comic book experience.


Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties




Well-known for their unique looks and complex personalities, the below villains can really bring the dark world of comic books to your event. You can actually invite various supervillain themed characters to your party and thrill your guests with their dark circus show, an immersive and interactive experience including dance routines, thrilling illusions and, the most important bit: pure insanity! Guests will leave your event with unforgettable memories and unique photo souvenirs.


Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties


Robot Comic Book Character and Skull Head


Standing at 9'6" tall, 6'6" wide, 44" thick and weighing in at 106 pounds, this incredible Robot Comic Book walkabout character’s costume is almost an exact replica of the armour worn by a favourite comic book character in the latest film remake. Featuring sound effects and even the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes, both our superhero robot and his arch enemy Skull Head are guaranteed to become a hit both at your event and on social media.


Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties


Create Your Own Hero or Villain!


Besides the most iconic ones, there are also other comic book characters that can be specifically created for your party. From existing ones to fully bespoke characters such as our Super Hoopers, there’s no limit to what can be produced for heroes and villains parties. 


You can opt for either standard meet and greet characters who interact with your guests and pose for photos or superhero and villain characters who can deliver circus performances on top of their meet and greet act. It’s the case of these Superhero Themes Circus artists, an award-winning circus group formed by contortionists, acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, and aerialists, among others.


Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties

Combining their comic book and sci-fi costumes with traditional circus performances, these themed performers can bring energy and a bit of fun to proceedings, besides bringing out everyone’s inner geek!


If you end up creating your own superhero, then don’t forget to also come up with an idea for an antagonist. There are a variety of costume characters you can choose from, but we have noticed that the more terrifying the costume, the better! A disfigured face, horns, large fangs and a bit of blood running down its face, and voila! The perfect villain is born. Spooky walkabout characters such as this Demon on Stilts are a great example. 


Heroes and Villains: The Ultimate Guide to Superhero Parties


We Help You Create Characters for Heroes and Villains Parties


The above party theme ideas are only a few of the many we can share! If you would like to see an example of other superheroes characters we have provided for past events, make sure you read about our sponsorship to Best Buddies Superhero Ball


If you’re planning a heroes and villains parties and would like to see more superhero party ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch and request to speak to one of our Entertainment Experts. They’re looking forward to helping you make your event a super party! 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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