Food Festival Entertainment

Food Festival Entertainment

Across Europe there is a food festival almost every week celebrating the weird, the wonderful and the best of local produce. They offer a chance for all to sample an array of tantalising delicacies to whet the appetite, from oyster eating contests and celebrity chef demos through to unusual liquorice themed festivals and gourmet food stands. Whether you’re a foodie or not, it’s safe to say that there is a food festival out there to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. For those looking for exciting and unique food themed entertainment to compliment your special event, then look no further than our superb selection here at Scarlett Entertainment. 

Food Festival Entertainment

Street Food


Food-Themed Entertainment

These comedy characters are simply perfect for entertaining the masses at food festivals, fairs, carnivals, parties and pretty much any event that has a good sense of humour! A comical, interactive and highly visual entertaining performance that never fails to raise a smile, the Food Themed Entertainers are the perfect choice for an unpredictably hilarious dining experience. Offering a variety of packages, the line up can include Lego’s iconic roaming brick master Chef, a Chef Orchestra and Living statues. This seriously funny entertainment makes this the missing ingredient for any food based event and they might even tell you how to prepare their latest recipes! 


Food Festival Entertainment

Roller Skating Vegetables


For another quirky food themed entertainment option, our Roller Skating Vegetables will tick all of the boxes. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces, they are a fabulous family attraction as they mix and mingle with the crowds and offer completely unique and memorable photo opportunities. Perfect for a wide range of events including product launches, promotional events, exhibitions, festivals, grand openings and more, these vibrantly coloured creations will help enhance your special food themed event.


Food Festival Entertainment

Acrobatic Pizza Makers


Guests will watch in awe as our team of world champion acrobatic pizza makers throw, spin, twirl and juggle multiple pizza bases in the air with style and panache! Celebrating true Italian culture, these performers entertain at a broad range of events with incredible freestyle moves that guests will remember long after the event. Combining unbelievable acrobatics, humour and catering, the experienced acrobatic pizza makers really do create the ultimate choice of entertainment and food for any event! After each acrobatic freestyle show, guests can enjoy a delicious pizza, baked and served outside, from a menu of over 80 toppings and with gluten free options.


Food Festival Entertainment

Posh Nosh


The Oyster Boys

Provide a truly inventive and unique form of entertainment and catering at your next event with these kilt wearing oyster boys! Serving delicious, fresh Scottish oysters from traditional wicker baskets; they present a fun alternative or complement to canapés. Their mobility creates a wonderful atmosphere at any food themed event as they wonder amongst guests, enthusing about their product and engaging and creating laughter and smiles. Depending on the theme or event, the boys can wear suits or tuxes and can also be accompanied by their oyster girls, who bring an air of elegance and glamour to your oyster eating experience!

Food Festival Entertainment

Mussel Men


Providing catering and entertainment rolled into one, the unique Mussel Men guarantee to provide a whole new flavour and zest to the outdoor food scene!


Finalists of the British Street Food Award 2012, they deliver delicious, mouth-watering mussels dressed in a traditional marinere sauce. In addition to this, they also offer exotic flavours such as lychee and coconut, Bloody Mary and tomato and chorizo. Bringing this fun filled food fiesta to life, with witty Scottish banter and the occasional arm wrestle or thumb war, the Mussel Men are ideal for all kinds of food themed events including festivals, fairs, carnivals, corporate events and private parties.


Food Festival Entertainment

Tasty Treats


Food Scientists

Serving mouth-watering desserts, molecular canapés and tasty cocktails, these gastronomy experts create delicious dishes right before your eyes! They serve a range of dishes from their smoking portable science lab, from Bloody Mary molecular bubbles to bacon and egg ice cream. Their famous nitrogen poached meringues will leave everyone in fits of giggles as they break in the mouth and release a vapour trail that you can exhale to your friends! Ideal for a range of events including food festivals, food fairs, exhibitions and corporate events, this unique fine dining experience is perfect for a range of outside or inside themed events and is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Food Festival Entertainment

Ice Cream Scientists


Offering a completely bespoke and exciting alternative to traditional ice cream, the Ice Cream Scientists create an array of mouthwatering concoctions that are guaranteed to draw in the crowds at a range of events. Freezing at -196C, the scientists create mouth-watering ice cream concoctions, which unlike regular ice cream have no time to form and therefore result in literally the smoothest ice cream your guests will ever taste! They offer a complete range of sweet treats including, Liquid nitrogen ice cream, mini cones, popcorn, candyfloss, cake pops, hot chocolate, pancakes as well as delicious alcoholic frozen cocktails! Perfect for cooling down at an outdoor festival! 


Food Festival Entertainment

Coffee Artists Milan


All of that tasty food needs washing down with a drink and what better way to do this than with a uniquely decorated cup of coffee! Providing highly unique entertainment, the duo can create any design, logo or image atop a cup of coffee, whilst delighting guests with their likeable charm and talent. These brilliant coffee artists hold two Guinness World Records between them for, ‘World’s Fastest Bartenders’ setting the bar by making 623 coffees in one hour, and for creating the ‘World’s Largest Cappuccino’. They have performed at numerous food fairs and festivals and made countless national TV appearances most notably on Italy’s Channel 5. Offering a unique way for clients to promote a brand or advertise a product; these talented baristas can incorporate specific logos, images, designs and colours into their coffee artwork, making them perfect for corporate entertainment.


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