Flamenco with a Twist: Combine Traditional and Modern Entertainment for Added Impact

Flamenco with a Twist: Combine Traditional and Modern Entertainment for Added Impact

When we think about traditional Spanish entertainment, we inevitably imagine flamenco dancers with their gorgeous long-tail dresses furiously tap dancing whilst Spanish guitarists accompany them. Few art forms evoke a culture as clearly as flamenco, now a new generation of artists celebrate this tradition and have redefined it. 

The evolution of modern flamenco is marked by a fusion of styles. Artists today combine traditional and modern entertainment to demonstrate that flamenco is an ever-evolving art that has adapted to be relevant in modern times. The following artists prove why flamenco with a twist also makes audiences fall in love with Spain and its rich cultural heritage.

The Evolution of Flamenco: How to Combine Traditional and Modern Entertainment


Artists love putting their creativity to test. Proud of their roots and heritage, many of them take the initiative to create original shows that combine traditional and modern entertainment. Taking flamenco as a basis, they have mixed an art that’s heir passion with other styles, for example their interest in technology or a love for pop culture. 


Flamenco Video Mapping: An explosive fusion of art and technology

With technology playing an increasingly important role in entertainment, performers seem to have discovered an uncut diamond. Some make use of the latest mapping technology to produce truly spectacular visuals that enhance the visual impact of an already beautiful traditional Spanish dance. 

A team of experts in projection mapping and traditional Spanish entertainment offer this stunning Flamenco Video Mapping show, a splendid mix of traditional dance, music and technology. A truly mesmerising performance, this explosive fusion is the clear definition of flamenco with a twist. The Projections can be customised and any spectator can leave an event feeling they have experienced something authentically Spanish while witnessing a show never like they’ve never seen before!

Any questions about this act? Email one of our Entertainment Specialists and ask!

Flamenco with a Twist: Combine Traditional and Modern Entertainment for Added Impact


Flamenco and Hip Hop Show: The natural evolution of modern flamenco


An acclaimed production, this Flamenco and Hip Hop Show represents the encounter of two generations. Seen by many as the natural evolution of modern flamenco, this unique fusion of styles brings together contrasting elements of Spanish culture. Blending the passion, joy and sorrow that characterise flamenco with the energetic moves and tricks of urban dance, these creative bailaores capture and delight audiences with a traditional Spanish dance that had evolved to conquer new generations.


Urban flamenco dancers don’t just combine traditional and modern entertainment with great success: they have also introduced other elements such as visuals and live music, elevating the entertainment experience by appealing to different senses. 


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Flamenco with a Twist: Combine Traditional and Modern Entertainment for Added Impact


Flamenco Laser Show: Experience traditional Spanish dance in the dark


If you thought laser lights and traditional acts didn’t go together, you might be about to change your mind. An electrifying Flamenco Laser Show that mixes laser lights, electro-flamenco music and traditional Spanish dance, this performance is exactly what we mean by flamenco with a twist.


Tracking across the stage and sweeping vertically up and down, laser lights and smoke create shapes which cast like clouds to create an atmospheric setting that is both immersive and hypnotic. Perfectly coordinated with the music and lasers, flamenco dancers perform their mesmerising routines in the dark, managing to capture audiences with their stunning fusion of traditional Spanish entertainment and technology.


Email us to find out more about this mix of traditional Spanish dance and laser lights.


Flamenco with a Twist: Combine Traditional and Modern Entertainment for Added Impact


Little Flamenco Show - Flamenco with a twist that melts hearts 


Get ready: the following act is about to steal your heart! 


These little flamenco dancers captivate audiences everywhere they go with their sweet and creative fusion of traditional Spanish dance and pop culture. Part of a generation that face the challenge of keeping tradition alive, these cute bailaores and bailaoras are very proud of their roots. However, as every child, they also love dressing up, so why not merge both things? Without even realising, this little troupe came up with a winning formula.


This Little Flamenco Show captivated both audiences and the panel of judges at Spain’s Got Talent when they performed flamenco choreographies dressed as iconic movie characters. This powerful mix of elements took them to the final of the talent show and make them an in-demand traditional Spanish entertainment choice for events looking for flamenco with a twist ideas!


Ask our Entertainment Experts how our little performers can personalise their act for your event.


Flamenco with a Twist: Combine Traditional and Modern Entertainment for Added Impact


If you’re looking for inspiration on how to combine traditional and modern entertainment, you’re in the right place! 


The above are only a sample of the sea of possibilities artists, dancers and other performers we offer. Flamenco with a twist is becoming increasingly popular and, as entertainment specialists, we’re ready to face and embrace the challenge of bringing together traditional Spanish dance and modern elements. 


Traditional Spanish entertainment says hello to the 21st century hand-in-hand with Scarlett Entertainment!

Discover further traditional Spanish entertainment!


If the above flamenco with a twist ideas seem like an interesting option for your event but you’d still like to see other acts, we encourage you to read our blog post about Why you should book Spanish and flamenco themed entertainment for your corporate event


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Let’s talk about how you can put your own unique twist on the rich tradition of flamenco


We have the talent and we have the know-how. Our Entertainment Specialists can create fully bespoke entertainment experiences for your event. Give us a call, tell us what you have in mind and we will come back with your ideas translated into original entertainment experiences. 


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__By Juliana Rodriguez

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