Exploring Event Themes: Steampunk

Exploring Event Themes: Steampunk

A New Subculture Emerges

Steampunk is perhaps one of the most interesting genres of subculture to emerge into the mainstream in the last 30 years. It is a subculture that expresses a distinct nostalgia for a time that never existed, making it particularly unique and an excellent choice for delving into the inner workings of one of the quickest growing entertainment requests we see.

Although only having entered the public consciousness in the last decade or so, the term ‘steampunk’ was originally used as a tongue-in-cheek descriptive word. First coined in 1987 by K.W. Jeter, a fiction author who was looking to find a term for works by Tim Powers, James Blaylock and others. It was used as a way of categorising fictional works that were set in the 19th century but followed an alternate history where steam power continued its momentum with technology. 

For years, steampunk remained an underground aesthetic that bubbled its way towards the surface, until the mid 2000s when we saw an increase in mainstream awareness. Steampunk quickly found its home at events such as Comic-Con, ‘Malediction Society’ and ‘Weekend at the Asylum’ and suddenly we found this niche subculture making its way into the public consciousness. One of the allures of steampunk is in the DIY aspects of the aesthetic. Advocates are allowed to use their creativity to create truly bespoke costumes and props, and with the wide range of steampunk fiction available, there is not a fixed criteria for what constitutes the staple look of the genre.

Whilst key themes include liberal use of brass and copper, leather, wood and more, fans are able to include a wealth of external influences. The two most popular eras that incorporate the steampunk ethos are ‘Victorian’ and ‘Wild Western’.

With the rise in steampunk recognition, we’ve noticed that this is stylistically en vogue at the moment, with many clients and brands now embracing the neo-Victorian aesthetic that comes hand in hand with Steampunk entertainment. With that in mind, let’s delve deep into the vaults of alternative history and explore some of Scarlett Entertainment’s best steampunk-inspired acts. 


Get Cogs Turning

Get guests’ cogs turning with our incredible Industrial Steampunk Show. Using impressive stage lighting and combining it with unique object manipulation, our performers create stunning optical illusions that mesmerise guests. Having performed in over 38 countries, you can guarantee you’re in extremely capable hands. 



Our Steampunk Stilt Walkers are perfect for adding an exciting photo opportunity to your events. Towering above guests, they offer a variety of meet and greet experiences and are ideal for drawing attention. Their incredible attire makes them an ideal accessory for propagating the idea of an alternate history with steampunk entertainment. 


Exploring Event Themes: Steampunk

No event is complete without music that gets guests dancing! With our incredible Steampunk String Quartet, our performers reinvent modern Top 40 hits with a range of classical stringed instruments. With authentic steampunk attire, this high-energy, classically trained band are ideal for getting guests on their feet and embracing everything alternative.


Exploring Event Themes: Steampunk

Bring The Heat

Why not get guests hot under the collar with our incredible Fire Eating Follie act? With a range of costumes available, she’s perfect for embracing the steampunk aesthetic and using it to captivate guests with her sultry fire routines. 


Exploring Event Themes: Steampunk

Spin Your Own Story

In an alternative history, food has become a mist we breathe in. Why not run with the idea and complete your steampunk event with our Edible Mist Machine? With custom flavours available, you can create a truly stunning bespoke entertainment option that’s ideal for lending itself to your own story. This delicious option is a sure-fire guest pleaser, where they get to physically experience an alternative behaviour. 


Exploring Event Themes: Steampunk

Perhaps one of the most quintessential embodiments of the steampunk genre is our Mechanical Copper Steam Robot. A visually stunning walkabout entertainment option that sees our robot greet guests, interacting with them and guiding them around the event. With an incredible costume made of leather, copper and wood, it’s perfect for a range of steampunk events and isn’t one to be missed! Perfect for transporting guests into another world where robots exist alongside us.


Exploring Event Themes: Steampunk

How Can We Help?

If you’re looking for more steampunk themes and concepts, click here to see our previous blog. Alternatively, click here to contact one of our Entertainment Specialists so we can make your next event the success it deserves to be!

__By Matt Parker

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