Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas

Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas

An essential part of event planning, choosing your catering providers can be a challenge given the wide variety of options available in the market. Creativity has become a key ingredient in planning any successful gathering and we’re more than looking forward to helping you navigate the sea of possibilities available in our global roster. 

Besides choosing a venue and booking entertainment, the three key areas of event planning are food, drink and decor. Committed to making your event stand out and be unforgettable, we’ve listed some of the most creative event suppliers you can book to get people talking about your party for years to come!


Take a Bite with Style

Impress culinary connoisseurs and gourmets with these caviar ladies, classy and refined seafood experts who will offer guests at your party a taste of this famous delicacy. The ladies will explain the differences between the various types of caviar they offer and will also show the correct way to taste it. Followed by a shot of vodka, this caviar tasting experience is guaranteed to whet everyone’s appetite and become the talking point during the appetizer and cocktail hour.


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


Opting for catering providers who can personalise their menus for your event is a big plus. It’s the case of this creative food design service, suppliers specialising in thematic and tailored event cuisine. With a focus on aesthetics and innovative flavours, they can cater to your individual needs whether it be revitalising a boardroom, a lavish gala dinner or a sophisticated drinks reception for delegates.


For people with a sweet tooth, these interactive edible dance acts might be the highlight of the day. Consisting of walkabout characters wearing costumes with wrapped chocolates, this edible entertainment option is as unique as it is magical and it’s loved by people of all ages!


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


Desserts have never been as creative and original as the ones designed by this gingerbread food artist. Choose from giant gingerbread sculptures to small branded pieces and anything in between! Able to create replicas of buildings to small custom piñatas, all the sculptures and pieces this food artist creates are fully edible!


The ultimate food and drink experience is actually a guilt-free delicacy. These vaporising edible mist orbs are futuristic event catering service consisting of inhalable micro mists. Flavour choices include apple pie, Irish coffee, piña colada, chocolate mousse, and butterscotch fudge, to name a few. Sucked up through a straw, these zero-calorie micro mists can also be lit up in the colour of your choice, which makes them not only a great food choice but also a fantastic addition to your party decor!


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


Innovative Ways to Enjoy a Drink

Visually memorable and extremely delicious, customised cocktails provide events with a truly personal and unique touch. Specialising in creating cocktails and drinks with premium ingredients, these drinks suppliers can create a signature cocktail especially for your event and personalise it with your logo or by having the front or their mobile bar’s glass top displaying your corporate design. 


Looking to impress your guests with a truly extraordinary drink? The edible fragance factory is the go-to option to leave everyone speechless! A one-of-a-kind interactive experience, this event catering service offers a selection of delicious aromas (both sweet and savoury) that everyone can enjoy by spraying them into their mouths. Orange, popcorn, piña colada, melted toffee, mint choc chip and bacon sandwich are only a few of the most popular fragrances!


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


An excellent way to avoid long queues at your party, this robot waiter will guarantee cocktails and drinks are served in less than a minute! Offering a wide selection of cocktails, wines and beers, this friendly robotic bartender instantly grabs the attention of people of all ages who won’t hesitate to approach and interact with it. 


Talking about interactive experiences, this piano bar act is undoubtedly what your any party needs: a two-in-one mobile event catering service offering drinks and live music simultaneously! Filling your event with the best 50s rock n roll, swing and blues classics, this phenomenal event catering concept is guaranteed to keep everyone dancing until they feet hurt and best of all: with a drink in hand!


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


Event Decor Transforming Spaces

When it comes to event decor, it’s all down to transforming spaces. There’s no better way to do this than bringing the outdoors in with these magnificent tree props. Whether it be a one-off event or a long-term installation, these fully customisable trees create immersive environments, make stunning entrance features and bring a piece of nature to any special occasion. 


Technology also plays an important role in transforming venues. These video mapping cubes, for example, use the latest mapping technology to display different visuals and create this way a formidable wow factor experience. These digital event decor pieces can completely convert any mundane space into a futuristic environment.


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


Equally groundbreaking, this gastro mapping service offers an unrepeatable dining experience. Blending video mapping technology and unique ingredients and flavours, this unique gourmet idea consists of enjoying creative dishes synchronised with stunning virtual environments. A fully tailor-made event solution, these first-class catering experts embark diners on a sensory journey where they explore unusual flavours and discover visual wonders.


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


Another way to use digital art to decorate your event, this mosaic photo wall encourages interaction and social media sharing. By uploading photos to Instagram with a hashtag of your choice, your guests will be provided with a printout they can stick to the wall. An excellent opportunity to advertise your brand, this digital mosaic is not only an effective data capturing tool but also a fantastic way to complement your decor. 


A more traditional option, table decor, sweet bars, lights, crafts and balloons are still trendy. Whatever your event or theme, these event decor specialists can come up with original ideas to complement your colour scheme, reveal your logo, convey a message, etc. Whether it be helium balloons that can be released into the sky or glitter balloons to add sparkle to your venue, unique balloon bouquets and arrangements can be designed especially for you!


Creative Event Suppliers: Unique Food, Drink and Decor Ideas


Filling an empty stomach has never been an easy task, let alone surprise demanding palates with drinks or transforming spaces with unique decorative elements. When it comes to creating food and drink experiences at events, that’s when Scarlett Entertainment comes into play. No matter how big the challenge, we have the perfect event decor and catering solution for you. 


Explore More Creative Event Suppliers

The above event decor ideas and food and drink suppliers are only a little foretaste of what our global roster lodges. Experts at creating bespoke decor, food and drink experiences for events worldwide, don’t hesitate to get in touch, share your ideas and let us transform them into reality. 


__By Juliana Rodriguez

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