Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

The Most Famous Cabaret in the World Turns 130!


Home to some of the oldest and most famous cabaret shows on earth, France rules the roost when it comes to offering the best after dinner entertainment. In 2019, we’re celebrating 130 years of Moulin Rouge and there’s no better way to pay tribute to the famous Parisian venue than listing some of our best French cabaret shows inspired by its legacy. 

Perfect for brightening up any evening, cabaret shows offer a dazzling and colourful programme full of singing, dancing, drama and more. Whether you are looking for an exciting and elaborate show to impress clients at a corporate event; entertain after an awards evening or enchant friends at a private party, here at Scarlett Entertainment we have a range of incredible after dinner entertainment options and French cabaret shows to keep your guests entertained the whole night long. 


Some Curious Facts about the Moulin Rouge

Built in 1889 by the Spanish businessman Josep Oller, the most famous cabaret in the world is now one of the icons of the Belle Epoque. One of the most popular entertainment venues in France nowadays, the Moulin Rouge is still one of the icons of the French capital and one of the most visited spots in the city. 

Did you know the Moulin Rouge currently employs over 80 full-time performers? The cabaret is nearly always full as, in total, around 600,000 people visit it every year. For a venue with 850 seats, this means it’s almost at full capacity every night.

Other curious facts: did you know the Moulin Rouge was the first electric building in Paris? Or that following a devastating fire in 1915, it was closed for six years and reopened in 1921, just after the end of the First World War? Undoubtedly, a building full of anecdotes. 


Our Top French Cabaret Shows Inspired by the Famous Parisian Cabaret


The Show Girls

Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

With previous clients such as the BBC, Formula 1, Virgin, ITV, Grosvenor Casinos, these glamorous ladies will add the WOW factor to your event or private party and leave your guests wanting more! Taking audiences on a whirlwind journey to the heart of cabaret, this impressive is performed by highly talented dancers who deliver a magical performance full of high-energy dancing. Complete with flamboyant, crystallized and colourful costumes the dancers cleverly coordinate their choreography to captivate viewers.


Cabaret Dance Show


Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

Having performed internationally and for high-profile corporate events, these French cabaret dancers are the perfect choice for adding a bit of risqué Parisian glamour to your next event. Offering a range of cabaret themed shows including Brazilian, Parisian, 1920s, Wartime, 1950s or Geisha themed, they provide an air full of arty playful mischief. Providing highly entertaining French cabaret shows, our dancers can mix retro and modern styles together to create a bespoke performance. 

Burlesque Show Paris

Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

This fantastic high-energy, after dinner show brings the glitzy world of cabaret to any event. Blowing guests away with their unique blend of fun dance routines and engaging personalities, the dancers will perform amidst a whirl of rhinestones, sequins and feathers. Guaranteed to “razzle dazzle” your guests, our burlesque performers can create an intimate and authentic cabaret atmosphere that will transport guests to 1920s Paris!


Neon Burlesque Show

Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

For those looking for cabaret entertainment with a difference, this Neon Burlesque Show takes the art of burlesque to a whole new level. A fascinating combination of neon colours, sultry dancing and stunning technology, this flamboyant spectacle was highly praised by experts at the Underbelly Festival in London. Performed by a group of burlesque dancers, hula hoop performers, singers and actors, this versatile group of artists redefine the art of burlesque by adding original costumes made of newspapers, luminous skeleton bodysuits and masks and feather fans. 

Can Can Parisian Show Girls 

Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

Providing an authentic Parisian feel, these genuine French can can dancers can transform your venue into 1920s Paris unlike any other.  As featured on Big Brother and Sky Television, the glamorous French-inspired show girls will ensure that your classy event or party turns into a good old fashioned knees up. Dressed in vibrantly coloured Parisian show girl costumes, our Can Can dancers bring energy and vavavoom wherever they prance.


Giant Glass Martini Performer 

Celebrating 130 Years of Moulin Rouge with our Top French Cabaret Shows

Bringing her retro-chic and showgirl glamour to your event, you can guarantee a tip top performance from this Giant Martini Glass Performer, an entertainer renowned for her flawless pobath time finale which usually includes a glass full of glitter. A sparkly extravaganza, this show is the perfect tribute to the famous quote by Marilyn Monroe and very closely linked to the Parisian cabaret ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. 

Explore Further After Dinner Entertainment 

The above are only a few of the many French cabaret shows inspired by Moulin Rouge. If you would like to explore further cabaret shows or after dinner entertainment, make sure you explore our vast roster of over 14,000 acts. 

For more inspiration, contact one of our Entertainment Experts. They’re looking forward to helping you transform your special occasion into the perfect Cabaret experience. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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