And Relax... The Importance of Wellness at Conferences

And Relax... The Importance of Wellness at Conferences

Top picks for entertainment to ensure guests stay healthy and happy


A lot of thought goes into planning entertainment for events, but how much consideration do you place on a healthy event experience? The wellbeing industry has boomed in recent years, with everything from adult colouring, veganism, and digital detoxes high on the agenda. Even hedonistic music festivals have jumped on this lucrative bandwagon with wholesome habits such as yoga, foodieism and meditation becoming the new rock and roll.
With the events and entertainment industries offering a prime opportunity to promote health and wellbeing for a range of agencies, brands and businesses, we investigate our top fitness and mindful entertainment picks for keeping employees, attendees and customers happy and healthy.

Promote Wellbeing At Your Event With Instagrammable Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle is like social media gold, so ensure that guests are treated to healthy eats good enough to snap, share and tag. Not just for foodie events, attendees at conferences, trade shows and conventions deserve to eat well too!
Take inspiration from current health food trends and the hottest foodie pop-ups to pleasantly surprise delegates at conferences and trade shows. Global advertising giant JWT expects organic food, vegan dishes and teetotalism to tip majorly into the mainstream in 2019.
Perfect for healthy event entertainment, serve fresh street food options from roaming trucks, entice guests to sample new flavours from compelling edible mist orbs, or keep it simple and serve up one or two options with the freshest ingredients and highest quality possible – such as 100% natural liquid nitrogen ice cream or Scottish oysters from our Oyster Boys.
Thought-leaders in the food industry such as Tom Wolfe combine a sensory experience with ingredients that evoke memories and leave a lasting impression. Why not combine lunch or drinks with a stunning edible installation? Nutrition, entertainment, art… healthy food is where it’s at!


And Relax... The Importance of Wellness at Conferences

Celebrity food artist, Tom Wolfe, can create bespoke food entertainment to promote wellbeing at your event


Shine A Spotlight On Mental Health To Promote Wellbeing At Your Event

While a healthy lifestyle is often an outward projection, it’s also got more serious roots. Mental health is becoming more widely recognised, and an important factor to consider when promoting wellbeing at your event. In our own industry, UK event professionals only rate their general wellbeing at 6 out of 10 according to EventWell.
Modern stresses at work, home, brought on by technology and our increasingly busy lives is something people are trying to cope with by focusing on making time for self-care creating a huge opportunity to use mindful entertainment at your next event.
Encouraging guests to connect with themselves with a mindfulness warm-up exercise before a conference allows them to take a moment and will improve concentration.
Installations such as this interactive Heartbeat Light offer an immersive and reflective experience. Placing a sensor on their finger, guests sit on a cosy cushion beneath a filament bulb for a compelling biometric experience that allows participants to see their own heartbeat imitated in light.
Why not combine these types of self-reflective exercises with a mental health or inspirational mentalist keynotes speaker, group meditation, or stress management workshop? This ukulele icebreaker harnesses the power of music to relieve stress and bring strangers together. Guests can even take their uke home as a memento!
The possibilities for building a healthy event experience by incorporating mental relaxation, reflection and understanding of our mental state are endless.


And Relax... The Importance of Wellness at Conferences

Speakers and installations make engaging mindful entertainment for conferences


Create Mindful Entertainment And Help Guests Indulge In A Digital Detox!

We can all agree that today’s ‘always-on’ world is both a blessing and a curse. With social media updates in meetings, an onslaught of pop-up adverts, and work emails interrupting family meals – sometimes we need to block it all out.
Mindful entertainment options away from technology are a great way to promote wellbeing at your event.
Encourage delegates to abandon their phones for a conference without distractions. Instead, use ‘mindless’ physical activities such as colouring, origami and other crafts to keep hands busy while minds work on more important matters.
Inspired by knitting and embroidery, our Knitted Ladies Stilt Act encourage guests to slow down and connect with each other in a meaningful way. Perfect for workshops and networking events, these charming stilt characters will connect delegates by winding woollen threads around their fingers, and pinning notes, ideas and concepts like bunting to strings around the event venue.
Tapping into the trend for adult colouring books, this bespoke colouring wall can be personalised with bespoke images, branding and logos for the ultimate hands-on corporate craft and healthy event entertainment.


And Relax... The Importance of Wellness at Conferences

Inspire health and wellbeing for events with conceptual walkabout characters


Work Up A Sweat With Healthy Event Entertainment

Not forgetting sport and fitness, there’s nothing like getting physical for a healthy event experience.
Generate hype and buzz with a high-energy stage show to set the tone as a welcome show or afternoon slump reviver.


This Tokyo Double Dutch act is a rope skipping dance crew with a twist. The male and female collective creates extremely exciting choreographed routines using urban dance moves, acrobatics and rope skipping for a visually captivating show.
Encourage audience participation and get as many delegates skipping in unison as possible, or hand branded out ropes as takeaways of the day. Fitness trends such as CrossFit and Tricking are raising the profile of innovative workouts.

For something a little less sweat-inducing, try out some simple yoga moves inspired by a yoga-instructor acrobat performance, or go all out with a stand up paddleboard experience. A VR alternative would work for water-less venues!


And Relax... The Importance of Wellness at Conferences

Think outside of the box with sport for healthy event entertainment


Inspire With Unusual Or Alternative Healthy Event Entertainment


With the meaning of ‘health’ today so much more than diet and fitness, there’s a wealth of exhilarating and alternative therapies, activities, and products available. 


How about combining science with nutrition to personalise supplements or diet based on your delegate’s DNA? Or try the trendiest new bar concept which serves oxygen. Oxygen bars not only offer a visual spectacle and novel pop-up, but boast a holistic and therapeutic experience, guaranteed to increase footfall.


An exciting way to visualise emotions and thoughts, this spectacular brainwave mapping performance is a novel way to connect delegates with the latest technology. An audiovisual act that focuses on geometric technology to transform the brain's functions into stunning visuals effects through video mapping and depth-sensing cameras. This futuristic act is sure to make attendees stop and think.


Or go all-out with holistic entertainment providing an immersive celebration of mind and body by combining meditation, crystal healing, herbal remedies, and Indian fusion music to lift the soul.


And Relax... The Importance of Wellness at Conferences

People are taking ever more pride in their lifestyle choices as health and wellness becomes increasingly important. Whether it be centred on natural and nutritious menus, encouraging active fun, or promoting relaxation and mindfulness, there are countless innovative ways in which you can create a healthy event experience for attendees. Show how much you care about your delegates’ wellbeing and stand out from the competition by making their health a top priority.


For more mindful entertainment inspiration and help with ideas for a healthy event experience, check out our roster of pulse-racing active entertainment options including this Mega Inflatable Assault Course - a Guinness World Record Holder for the longest and most insane bouncy castle in the world!



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