A Guide for Red Carpet Treatment at Events in Dubai

A Guide for Red Carpet Treatment at Events in Dubai

Looking for VIP Entertainment in Dubai?

Globally known as the place to go for luxurious experiences, Dubai has built a reputation for hosting some of the most exclusive red carpet events in the world. Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Degeneres and the Backstreet Boys have already experienced the magic of the UAE evenings and have set high standards for what people visiting Dubai expect to find. 

With upcoming events such as the Dubai International Film Festival (dates yet to be confirmed) and the Expo 2020 Dubai marked in red on the calendar for the Emirati community, there’s no doubt that, as an event planner, you will be busy looking for the perfect VIP entertainment experiences for these and other special occasions. 

At Scarlett Entertainment we love making your life easier, so we have summarised the five steps to follow to offer the perfect red carpet treatment to VIP guests. 


Step 1: Roll out an actual red carpet to welcome guests 


If you’re hosting a VIP party and promising guests they’ll receive red carpet treatment, then make that literally happen! Roll out an actual red carpet by booking entertainers such as our Red Carpet Lady, a unique meet and greet act guaranteed to leave an impeccable first impression.

You can also add an extra luxurious feel to your venue entrance with the below Fountain Living Statue. This unique character not only provides a stunning visual spectacle but it’s also perfect for creating a glamorous atmosphere and giving your guests a preview of what they can expect to find inside.

A Guide for Red Carpet Treatment at Events in Dubai

Red carpet dresses and living fountain statues can be stationed at the entrance of your venue to welcome VIP guests to your event


Step 2: Bring the Wow factor with the latest technology acts


We can’t imagine occasions such as the Dubai International Film Festival or the Expo 2020 Dubai without fireworks, video mapping projections or Drone Light Shows. These are the type of red carpet events that aim to leave an imprint and that call for big visual displays such as the aforementioned. 


All fireworks, video mapping and drone shows are fully customisable and can display logos, symbols or messages of your choice. There is no better way to bring the Wow factor to your event than with an entertainment option that makes use of the latest technology to amaze viewers. An extraordinary VIP entertainment experience, event attendees will feel extremely valued and pampered if you allow them to witness something unique!


A Guide for Red Carpet Treatment at Events in Dubai

Drone shows can create fully bespoke shapes, logos or messages and offer a truly extraordinary visual experience 


Step 3: Add sparkle and glamour with exclusive musicians 


A party without music...that simply doesn’t exist. But a VIP party without exclusive musical acts, that’s not even plausible! Any red carpet event worthy of the name needs two ingredients: sparkle and glamour! Musicians such as this Swarovski Saxophonist and the one and only Hanine El Alam meet these requirements. 


Swarovski and luxury go hand in hand. Wowing everyone with his diamond-encrusted saxophone, our sax player’s stunning instrument is decorated with hundreds of Swarovski crystals that glisten under different lights. If that was not enough and you were truly looking to bring a luxury feel to your special occasion, you might consider Hanine El Alam, a high-end female violinist and one of the most versatile, charismatic and in-demand musicians in the Middle East. 


A Guide for Red Carpet Treatment at Events in Dubai

There are two ingredients needed for a successful red carpet event: sparkle and glamour. The above musicians have them!


Step 4: Win guests over with mesmerising shows and fun characters


When drinks have been served and dinner has been eaten, guests will still be hoping for more surprises! We highly recommend trusting fire performers to do their magic and captivate everyone with their mesmerising performances. Dressed in luxurious costumes, fire dancers never fail to impress with their extraordinary skills and daring routines. 


Fire dance shows can be followed by some fun. These Retro TV Heads seem like the perfect choice for those VIP parties with a sophisticated dress code looking for a disruptive yet elegant entertainment option. Wearing cocktail dresses and suits, these unique characters rock their bow tie outfits with extravagant retro TVs serving as masks. Either as a standalone act or accompanying a live act or DJ, you can be sure that the dancing TV heads will steal the show!


A Guide for Red Carpet Treatment at Events in Dubai

Fire dancers never fail to impress with their mesmerising performances and TV heads can add a disruptive yet elegant element to your red carpet event


Step 5: Immortalise the most memorable moments with unique photo experiences


Last but not least, ensure you provide everyone with the opportunity to immortalise the best moments of your party with immersive and unique photo experiences. If you’re looking for a traditional photo cabin, dismiss the idea and deliver a truly exclusive red carpet treatment by booking photo services such as this 360 Degree Video Booth and/or Portable Selfie Pod


Equally exceptional, both services are one-of-a-kind photo experience. Whether your guests would like to create their own GIF, boomerang or slow-motion videos in a podium platform or with a futuristic selfie ball, they can do it! Guaranteed to get everyone talking and sharing photos, these interactive and distinctive photo booths are all you need to make anyone feel like a VIP!


A Guide for Red Carpet Treatment at Events in Dubai

Interactive, immersive and unique. These exceptional photo and video booths make anyone feel like a real VIP!


Further VIP Entertainment in Dubai


Big international affairs such as the Dubai International Film Festival or the Expo 2020 Dubai are red carpet events around the corner and we’ll be happy to share our ideas on how to deliver red carpet treatment to make these occasions memorable. 


For further red carpet entertainment ideas, explore other ideas by reading our article on Red Carpet Entertainment to Make your Event Award Winning.


If you’re looking for other VIP entertainment in Dubai, don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your ideas with our Entertainment Experts.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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