8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

The world of magic holds many ancient secrets, and as entertainment experts and magic lovers, we wouldn’t ruin it for you by revealing its mysteries. However, we can help you find the right close up magician for your event by listing some of the most frequently asked questions people raise when hiring a magician.

If you’re in charge of the entertainment for your upcoming event and you’re considering booking a magician, we bet questions have arisen as to whether close up magic, illusionism or mentalism would be the right option for your type of occasion. From our experience as entertainment providers, we know magic shows are suitable for a broad range of events: from corporate occasions and festivals to weddings, private parties and charity events, magicians are really in-demand entertainers. Magic is a timeless trend in entertainment, and some of our performers have gladly given up their time to talk to us about why that is.   


Close Up Magicians and Mentalists Consulted

When it comes to answering questions people ask magicians, who would be better to answer them than magicians themselves? Three of the most in-demand and acclaimed illusionists and mentalists in our roster have agreed to answer this questionnaire and provide our readers with really useful information that will surely help you make your decision concerning magical entertainment for your event. Let us introduce them... 

Stage and Close Up Mentalist


8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

This interactive mentalism show is performed by an internationally acclaimed Stage and Close Up Mentalist who specialises in telekinesis and mind reading. He has been praised by big names in the field such as the world-famous illusionist Uri Geller, and has left audiences wide-eyed across Europe and Asia. Not only a very talented mentalist but also a charming entertainer, he quickly connects with audiences and engages them in conversation. Backed by 20 years of experience, this mentalist blows audiences away with impossible mentalism tricks and mind reading abilities. His unique and modern style of mentalism, his charming personality and his eloquent speech have made him a favourite with some of our clients.

Close Up Magician Brighton


8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

A versatile illusionist who causes jaws to drop and puts broad smiles on audience’s faces, this Close Up Magician makes incredible magic happen before your eyes. Some of his tricks include levitating objects, card handling, tricks with coins, rubber bands and any other object borrowed from his spectators. A classic form of  magic, his performances always leave lasting memories and surprise people as he uses impressive sleights of hand to perform unpredictable close up magic tricks - you won't believe your eyes. Quick-witted and spontaneous, he is one of those entertainers you would like to hang around with when the show is over.

Party Magician South East


8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

A magician that captivates with both his talent and his friendly approach, this Party Magician from the South East always wins over the public from the very beginning of his performance. Some of his close up magic tricks include card magic, levitating tables, making objects burst into flames and mind-reading, among others. Passionate about classic magic, he also has a foot in the future: he has reinvented himself by incorporating technology into his tricks. Also a master at performing large-scale magic, this walkabout magician’s tricks go beyond the merely impressive.

Questions For A Magician to Help You Decide Which One Is Right For Your Event


Now that we've introduced our experienced magicians, what questions should you be considering the answers to before you decide on what type of magician to book to entertain at your event? 
How will you connect with my audience?

Our Party Magician said that ‘by using my charming and sophisticated, I ensure to captivate any audience type and engage the, into an incredible experience they’ll never forget’. On his part, our Stage and Close Up Mentalist said that ‘connecting with the audience is an important factor, you need to "feel the crowd", find the right people and moment and to start with something unique and unreal so they with be interested with the idea’, as this has a domino effect. Once you catch the attention of some onlookers, it’s easier to get others become interested as well.


What does our Walkabout Magician from Brighton say about this? He agreed with his colleagues, and added that as a magician ‘my job is to create moments of amazement’, and that his magic instigates an immediate emotional connection with the people he performs to, whether this be through the visual aspects of his magic or his conversation and rapport building with guests.

Is there a maximum number of people you would be able to get around in a mix and mingle situation?
A total of 75 people is what our party magician said he’s able to mystify with his close up magic tricks. Our Stage and Close Up Mentalist believes it’s important to ‘divide crowds in small sections and work my way through the crowd so everyone will take part in the show’. When it comes to his stage shows, he calculated that he has performed in front of over 3,000 people. In these cases, he usually needs a microphone and a big screen so everybody can witness his tricks.


8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

From our Close Up Magician from Brighton’ experience, as long as the time amount booked is adequate, there is no limit. Realistically, he said that ‘as long as the time amount booked is adequate, there is no limit. But realistically 'a booking for more than 800-1,000 guests should include the booking of at least another magician to make sure all guests see some magic’.

What is the most in-demand trick clients usually ask you to perform?
Our Party Magician shared with us some of the signature tricks his audiences usually ask him to perform/repeat. ‘As magic is very visual,  I have a few signature effects that guests like me to repeat/request’ he said. He’s regularly asked to play cards popping out of an iPhone, transform paper and receipts into money, make borrowed rings appear in impossible locations and melting a bottle through a dinner table, among others.


Our Close Up Magician from Brighton shared with us some of his most in-demand tricks, and these include how to solve a Rubik cube (that a spectator mixes up) completely blindfolded and give the spectator the ability to solve the cube themselves…behind their own backs!


Mentalism is a different discipline, so our Stage and Close Up Mentalist said in his case people are always truly fascinated by tricks that incorporate ‘psychology effects or mind reading are the most wanted effects as they really are unreal and challenge the human mind’.

Can you customise your performances for each event? If so, how?
‘Customising my act is great fun!’ according to our Party Magician. All the magicians interviewed agreed, stating they’re always happy to customise their shows and even enjoy this process. For instance, our Party Magician explained  ‘making a car magically appear for the launch for a new car is powerful! Magic with a new smart phone or tablet gives me the chance to be extremely creative by using the device to do incredible magic’.


Our Stage and Close Up Mentalist agreed: ‘I suit my effects to the concept of the event, type of audience, amount of people, etc.’ He starts working on each performance many days in advance to ensure it is an unforgettable experience.


8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

Our Close Up Magician from Brighton said the same thing. He stated that ‘customisation is vital for any brand or company, especially those who have a message they would like to get across to their clients’. He shared with us how he has performed close up magic tricks with client’s logos or tricks he has created using the company's products. This could include aspects such a pulling items that the company sells in and out of an iPad screen, for example. He also told us that customisation is not only for companies, as one of his favourite customisation opportunities was for a young man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. On that occasion, he created an effect which ended in the ring being produced in a flash of flame before the groom to be popped the question , which he defined as a truly magical moment.
Could you perform in different countries and for audiences of different nationalities?

Our Party Magician affirmed ‘magic has its own universal language’, which means audiences with different backgrounds and speaking different languages can all enjoy a magical experience. International audiences usually enjoy the type of magic performed by our Party Magician, for example, as he ‘changed Sterling Pound notes into Dirhams or other currency with a click of my fingers’.

Mentalism is a discipline that is also very popular all over the world, and our Stage and Close Up Mentalist confirmed this: ‘I am an international mentalist and have performed in many countries and continents such as England, France, Canada,  Israel ,USA and several countries in Asia.’


Something similar was said by our walk about magician from Brighton, who stated that ‘some of my favourite events have been performed overseas, for countries and nationalities all over the world’ as he believes that ‘no matter where you are in the world, I feel I could bring that sense of amazement and wonder anywhere’

What accolades and achievements set you apart from other magicians?
Our three performers have an impressive portfolio of previous clients, as they are very well-known magicians, mentalists and mind readers. From corporate events for top corporate brands to charity occasions, weddings and private parties, our illusionist have had the privilege to showcase their talent in front of audiences and events of all sorts. Our Stage and Close Up Mentalist said proudly that Uri Geller, a reference in the sector, has praised his work and recommend his performances. He feels also really proud of having impressed Miss Great Britain and Anthony Joshua (world heavyweight champion) and having performed at events held by Visa, Playboy Club and Tresor Paris, among others. Our Party Magician has had the privilege to perform for the Black Eyed Peas, Peter Andre and Dame Julie Dench, to name a few of the celebrities he has left wide-eyed.



8 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Magician Answered By 3 Magicians

A fundraising event organised by Save The Children at The Savanti at Criterion in the centre of Piccadilly Circus in London was the event chosen by our Close Up Magician from Brighton, who said he felt privileged to perform at an event that raised money for a great cause. ‘I was able to perform for the Prince and Princess of Belgium as well as their guests which was great fun’ he shared with us proudly.
Is your type of show/tricks suitable for children?
The majority of these magician’s shows are suitable for little ones. ‘Some of the more sophisticated effects I do can be simplified for the kids’ explained our Party Magician.


But could mentalism be suitable for children? It can, according to our Stage and Close Up Mentalist. He confirmed his shows can be adapted to children over the age of seven ‘as they need to slightly understand what they see and experience’.


On his part, although our Close Up Magician wouldn't define himself as a children’s entertainer, he said the ‘the majority of effects I perform would be suitable for kids and are family friendly.’

How far in advance should clients book you?
One of the most common questions for a magician, the answer was unanimous: the sooner, the better. Our magicians and mentalist suggest to arrange bookings a few months in advance to ensure availability for your event. Although the more notice given, the more the likelihood of them being available, there are no time restrictions as to how far in advance a booking can be made.

Hiring A Magician For Your Event


There are numerous types of magic shows and illusionist you can hire to entertain guests at your event. Whatever the occasion and your choice, there is one thing you can be sure of: they will offer a fully customised performance especially created to amaze your type of audience and will ensure your message is conveyed in a magical way.



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