5 Entertainment Services To Make Your Wedding Unique

5 Entertainment Services To Make Your Wedding Unique

All couples would like a wedding that is unique and that their guests will look back fondly on as a fantastic time. Considering the increasing number of wedding entertainment ideas Scarlett Entertainment can offer, it’s becoming easier for future husbands and wives to avoid classic - and sometimes boring - parties. There is an endless range of ideas to entertain guests we can give you in case the idea of a traditional wedding has already been discarded.

Brides and grooms who would like to make your special day an unforgettable event: you can’t afford to miss our ideas about how to make the most out of your wedding day. If you’re one of those who believe weddings need to be fun and entertaining parties, you must choose the wedding entertainment services that best fit your style always being faithful to your taste.

Wedding Entertainment Services In The Digital Era 

Video Photo Booth

Photo booths are always among the lists of fun wedding entertainment ideas. But what about photo booths that can also record video messages? This is the case of this original Video Photo Booth. The concept is so simple that we find it absolutely brilliant. It’s a photo booth that works without the booth, which means guests will not have to step into a cabin to take funny pictures. The quality of the images remains intact though, so all the videos filmed will be available in excellent quality.


For extra fun, guests will not only be able to record emotive messages for the newlyweds, but they could also create music videos lip-synching a song or funny animations. Of course, this video photo booth also offers the possibility to take instant pictures that can be uploaded to social media straight away. All the video booth's, videos and the instant photos can be personalised with the groom and the bride’s names, the wedding date or the name of the venue. This is a wedding entertainment service that guarantees fun for everyone and that is sure to leave unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

Digital Hashtag Projection Wall

5 Entertainment Services To Make Your Wedding Unique

Let us not forget we are in the digital era and this changes the way we live, including the way we have fun. Technology has also found its place in the entertainment industry and that is where this Digital Hashtag Projection Wall comes in. This is one of the most popular wedding entertainment services booked by couples in recent years, and it is no wonder given the rise of social networking today.


This original service allows wedding attendants to see what other guests are sharing on social media. For that, the pictures and moments shared need to be uploaded with a hashtag previously chosen. On top of that, the projection wall’s screen is fully customisable with background pictures of the bride and groom, their names and the date. This option definitely offers one of the most unique and innovative ideas to entertain guests and keep them posted! 

Karaoke services can make your wedding unique 


5 Entertainment Services To Make Your Wedding Unique

Those who claim Karaoke is not one of the funniest and most engaging wedding entertainment ideas that exists are lying. For those who agree it’s a cool activity to entertain guests, get ready for this. A group of professional musicians with more than 40 years of experience playing live offer this amazing Bandeoke, a fun service that offers guests at weddings the possibility to sing their favourite songs accompanied by a live band.


This original karaoke service has a wide repertoire of more than 300 songs that people can choose from. This fun wedding idea has been designed to satisfy the music taste of people of all ages, which guarantees that anybody can jump on stage and transform into a rock star. You can give your wedding attendants the chance to feel like true performers with this amazing and original karaoke activity. Laughs (and funny pictures) are guaranteed.

Fun wedding ideas that involve cocktails

Alcoholic Drinks Fountain

5 Entertainment Services To Make Your Wedding Unique

An original and innovative way to offer guests a drink, this Alcoholic Drinks Fountain will be a hit at any wedding. Instead of going to a bar and asking for a cocktail, guests can serve themselves from an endlessly flowing supply. Fruity mojitos, martinis, daiquiris, caipirinhas, pinas coladas…this original fountain can be filled with any drink of your election – even non-alcoholic ones despite its name!


Ideal for garden weddings, this drinks fountain can add a touch of sophistication and originality to any venue. It looks gorgeous and can be set anywhere as long as there’s a power supply nearby. An original accessory that has a double purpose: it’s ornamental and it’s also functional. This creative cocktail fountain will not only look great and keep guests refreshed, but it will also help busy waiters out!

The Cocktail Bus (& Lab)

5 Entertainment Services To Make Your Wedding Unique

If you think that summer is the time for weddings, you’ll agree that this Cocktail Bus (& Lab) is one of the coolest wedding entertainment services for this season. Cocktail and drinks buses and mobile bars are becoming increasing trendy, especially among outdoor weddings, and it seems it’s not a passing trend.


This cocktail bus is a converted fire engine from 1983 and is especially popular for vintage, garden and summer and Hawaiian-theme weddings. But it gets better. This original bus is also a mobile lab within which two expert mixologists produce classic and original cocktails, some of them served flaming in large test tubes. This original concept is guaranteed to add a fun element to your special day and make your wedding unique and unforgettable.


In order to make your special day an unforgettable occasion, you always need to keep in mind what the latest wedding trends are and also what guests usually demand. Classic services like photo booths are always a good idea or activities such as karaokes have huge success. Also don’t forget that weddings are always a good excuse to have a couple of drinks and that people love to share moments on social media, with these things in mind your wedding is guaranteed to succeed. 


The above five wedding entertainment services are only a few examples of the many Scarlett Entertainment can propose to make your wedding unique. We can’t wait to hear your feedback about these fun wedding ideas to entertain guests at your special day. If you’d like us to give you more suggestions, get in touch with our team of entertainment coordinators or call us on 01626 572072.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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